Peres ahead of 63rd Independence: 'Israel still faces evil'

Israel is still facing evil forces, especially from Iran, President Shimon Peres on Wednesday in an official greeting to the public on the occasion of Israel's 63rd Independence.
"This call, by a regime that is a danger to the entire world, should be met by an uncompromising mobilization of the international community. We are determined, together with our supporters everywhere, to fight Anti-Semitism and delegitimization," Peres said in the statement.
He also commented on the peace process saying that Israel is ready to "do its chase, even at a painful cost, to achieve peace with our neighbors."
"We are hopeful that the winds of change sweeping our region will herald new opportunities of peace, security and prosperity for all," the president said, and wished that Gilad Schalit would be reunited with his family.