Police investigate kidnap-related vandalism on Mt. Herzl

Police are investigating an act of vandalism on Mount Herzl early Tuesday morning, resulting in the defacement of 20 plaques engraved with the names of heads of state who planted trees in the Grove of Nations.
The names of the three abducted teens were also spray-painted on a wall.
According to police, in addition to the names of the three abducted teens, the unidentified suspects also spray-painted the words “Kahane was right!” near the kidnapped yeshiva students’ names; a reference to Meir Kahane, the late radical right-wing American- Israeli rabbi and former MK who advocated the expulsion of Arabs.
Kahane was murdered in New York City in 1990, by Egyptian-American El Sayyid Nosair.
Despite bearing the hallmarks of a “pricetag” attack, a police spokesman said the vandalism is being investigated as a criminal act, and not as nationalistically- motivated one.
The incident took place just 24 hours after an alleged “price-tag” attack in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina.
In addition to the damaged tires, the words “revenge” and “every Arab is an enemy” were spray-painted on two of the vehicles, police said.
No arrests have been made in either case.