Police: Palestinians may have faked price tag attack

Police on Thursday said they are investigating the possibility that Palestinians may have vandalized six cars in the Kusra village so that they could falsely claim it was a price tag attack by Jewish extremists.
“Israeli police have completed the initial findings,” said National Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld. "The conclusion is that the incident was not carried out as first thought. It’s not a criminal incident with nationalistic motives,” he said.
“The suspicion is that it was locals (Palestinians) or other suspects who are trying to fake the incident,” he said.
At issue is a report last Thursday by Palestinians from Kusra, with the help of the Israeli non-governmental organization B’Tselem, that Jewish extremists, possibly settlers, had entered the village of Kusra.
According to B’Tselem, the vandals torched four cars and broke the windows of two others. Palestinians who witnessed the incident identified the attackers as Jewish extremists or settlers. An Israeli identification card was also found near the cars.