Rabbis permit Sabbath invites for non-religious Jews

Rabbis from the orthodox Beit Hillel organization have issued a ruling that it is permitted to invite a non-religious person to your home for a Shabbat meal, even if they will travel by car on the Sabbath itself.
In general, it is forbidden, according to Jewish law, to suggest any kind of activity to someone who might through doing it break Jewish law, or halacha. So inviting someone for Shabbat when it is known that they will travel by car, and thus infringe halacha, has traditionally been heavily discouraged.
But a new ruling issued by the rabbis of Beit Hillel states that if the invitation is for the purpose of positively impacting the Jewish identity of a non-religious person then then there is room to be lenient.
According to Rabbi Ronen Neuwirth, director of Beit Hillel many secular Israelis are today seeking spiritual input and experience in their lives and the opportunity to expose someone to a traditional Shabbat atmosphere should be embraced in order to provide this positive experience.
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