Report: At least 22 gunned down in cities throughout Syria

At least 22 people were gunned down by security forces in Syria Monday, mostly in areas surrounding Damascus, the commission of Syrian opposition groups said according to Al Jazeera.
Three people were killed in the western city of Homs, two in the northwestern city of Idlib, and one each in Deir az Zor and the southern city of Deraa, the flashpoint town where mass protests sparked the uprising that has been ongoing in Syria since March of last year.
The killings came as Syrian President Bashar Assad rejected an Arab League roadmap for a power transfer and early elections geared towards forming a unity government. A Syrian official told state television that the plan is "flagrant interference," and an attack on Syrian sovereignty.
Syrian state TV SANA reported on Monday that Damascus had agreed to release 5,255 detainees January 15, ten months after the commemorative date when the bloody civil conflict began. The UN estimates that more than 5,000 Syrians, mostly innocent civilians, have been killed in the violence between anti-government protesters, army defectors (Free Syria Army) and Syrian security forces.