Report: Israel-Turkey in row over French satellite

Israel is lobbying a French company to not include technology in a satellite currently being made for Turkey that would enable Ankara to take photos of Israeli territory, Turkish daily Today's Zaman reported Wednesday.
In response to Israeli objections, Turkish officials reportedly have insisted that the French company Thales, which is in the process of manufacturing the Göktürk-1, prove in advance the satellite's ability to photograph Israel.
According to the report, Israel sells to Thales components of the satellite's electro-optic camera system.
Today's Zaman quoted a Turkish official as saying, "Verbal promises do not mean anything in this kind of project. There is no way back once the satellite is launched. France has to technically prove to us [that Israel can be photographed.]"
Göktürk-1 originally was scheduled to be launched by the end 2013; however, the date has been pushed back to some time in 2014 due alleged technical difficulties.