Rise in respirable particles following Lag B’Omer

Measurements taken by the Environmental Protection Ministry showed a significant rise in the number of respirable particles in air following Lag B’Omer bonfires on Saturday night. The rise began about an hour after Shabbat, as indicated by air quality measurement stations, with the strongest concentrations of respirable particles smaller than 10 micrometers occurring in Givatayim (234 micrograms per cubic meter), South Tel Aviv (200), Jerusalem’s Shmuel Hanevim neighborhood (179), Rehovot (170) and Ashkelon (170). On a typical clear day, there are only 60 micrograms of such particles per cubic meter, according to the ministry.
The measurements may have been affected, however, by both the locations of the bonfires in relation to the measurement stations, as well as meteorological conditions such as wind direction and speed in each specific area, the ministry said.