Rivlin: Channel 10’s closure will endanger democracy

Closing Channel 10 will endanger freedom of expression and democracy, Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin warned on Wednesday.
“The government cannot allow itself to put economic efficiency before values in a democratic society,” Rivlin said.
Speaking in an emergency plenum meeting called by Kadima during the Knesset’s summer recess, Rivlin, who was communications minister when the channel was established, called for the government to spread out payments of Channel 10’s debt.
“An Israeli television channel cannot close just because the government refuses to allow it to make payments on its debt, which is not even especially large,” the Knesset Speaker said. “We must be smarter and more just.”
Rivlin added that Channel 10 is “an existing fact” and its future is not only a matter of economics, but will have a major effect on the media market.