Russia criticizes US over abuses in wars abroad

MOSCOW - Russia urged the United States on Tuesday to give more scrutiny to allegations of human rights violations by US soldiers and agents during conflicts abroad, pointing to reported abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Foreign Ministry's human rights representative said information from activist groups "gives reason to believe serious violations of international rights protection norms have occurred during US military operations" in those countries.
"We call on the the American side to pay adequate attention to this issue in the context of President (Barack) Obama's repeated assurances of his firm intention to deal with the legal violations committed during George W. Bush's presidency under the pretext of the 'war on terror,'" Konstantin Dolgov said.
Russia has faced persistent allegations from the U.S. government and lawmakers of rights abuses against its own people since the 1991 Soviet collapse. In turn, Moscow has accused the United States of double standards and said its own conduct, particularly abroad, meant it had no right to lecture others.