Russian FM: US verbal attacks on Assad counterproductive to diplomatic process

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discusses the tense Syria situation during a TV conference alongside his French counterpart Laurent Fabius on Tuesday.
The Russian representative spoke about the importance of determining a diplomatic solution to the ongoing crisis in Syria.
"We are ready to convene the Geneva Two Conference to discuss a solution and the Syrian government has said they are willing to send a representative to such a convention," Lavrov said.
He placed the blame of previous failed diplomatic efforts on the west who spur on the Syrian opposition ambitions by continually referring to Syrian President Bashar Assad as a tyrant and a criminal.
"As long as officials in the US and the West are heard decrying Assad and calling him a criminal, the coalition of the Syrian opposition will remain invincible and will not want to change their stance and it will be difficult to convince them to support the conference (to discuss diplomatic solutions," Lavrov said.
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