Schools to talk violence on Holocaust Day

Education Ministry executive director Dalit Stauber instructed schools across the country to engage in classroom discussion about societal violence, and particularly violence toward the elderly, starting on Holocaust Remembrance Day on Sunday until Independence Day next week.
“In light of the recent series of violent events against the helpless elderly, it goes without saying that every one of the students should do something positive that will change the reality of life and turn society into a place where people want to live and work,” Stauber said in a statement.
In addition to talking to students about ways to prevent violence and racism in society, educators will also focus on promoting the ideas of tolerance and mutual respect. Stauber also instructed schools to discuss the topics of tikkun olam – repairing the world – and “creating a model society in Israel.” Toward that end, the Education Ministry published online teaching material and educational activities for teachers’ to use.