Security Cabinet ahead of nuclear talks: Don't prematurely ease Iran sanctions

Israel's security cabinet released a statement on Tuesday morning as negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran were set to begin in Geneva, cautioning western powers not to ease sanctions against Iran.
"These negotiations begin at a time when the Iranian regime is under great pressure because of the sanctions and is desperately trying to have them removed. Sanctions must not be eased when they are so close to achieving their intended purpose," the Security Cabinet stated, reiterating the message delivered to the world by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in recent weeks.
"Now is an opportune moment to reach a genuine diplomatic solution that peacefully ends Iran's nuclear weapons program. However, this opportunity can be realized only if the international community continues to put pressure on Iran and does not ease the sanctions prematurely. It would be an historic mistake not to take full advantage of the sanctions, by making concessions before ensuring the dismantling of Iran's nuclear weapons program,' the statement added.
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