Shalev: 'Little hope for change in UN General Assembly's activity'

Little hope for change

Israel's ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev said there was little hope that Thursday's speech by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the General Assembly would make a difference to its activities. Shalev told Israel Radio on Friday morning that while the UN had shown progress by passing a resolution aimed in part at increasing pressure on Iran to rein in its nuclear program, the fact that its General Assembly was notorious for being the forum in which most decisions against Israel were made overshadowed potential changes in support for the Jewish State. "We have no great hopes for the General Assembly," she said. Shalev praised Netanyahu's speech, agreeing with her interviewer that it would stay in the memories of those who heard it for a long time. She also commended the prime minister for appealing to the UN to reject the findings of the Goldstone Commission's investigation into alleged war crimes during Israel's Operation Cast Lead. She said the report had already caused considerable damage and she reiterated the importance of such an official response by the government.