Shimon Peres: Qatar and Turkey must be punished for supporting terror

Former president Shimon Peres opened the 14th annual International Conference of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism on Monday by saying that the world must include Israel in its fight against terror.
"Terror is a system that needs to be addressed religiously, militarily, nationally and financially. The world needs to join together to fight terror and Israel must be a part of that," he said.
"Terrorism is tearing apart the Arab world. It has destroyed Yemen, Libya, Iraq and will only continue. Terrorism has to be fought with an all-out war and people cannot shy away because of the beheadings."
Peres also gave strong support to the use of tough economic sanctions against Qatar and Turkey to punish them for financing terror.
He also took a look at the national situation and praised Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas for being a partner for peace.
"Now that we're in a cease-fire period, we can say that while the Palestinian Authority has a pro-terror camp, there is also a pro-peace camp, the latter of which is with the PA's head, Mahmoud Abbas."
The former president praised the Abbas for taking a vocal stance against terror and against Hamas. "Whoever tries to downplay his words is in the wrong."
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