State Comptroller blasts infrastructure authorities

State Comptroller Yosef Shapira slammed many of the country’s infrastructural authorities – such as the energy officials for their faultily managed “short-term vision” as well as Israel Natural Gas Lines for its deficient safety precautions – in the latest report from the office, issued on Wednesday.
Overall, Shapira determined that many deficiencies pervade the decision-making among all those involved with Israel’s electricity supply for the future. By and large, the shortcomings have arisen from the fact that the planning in the electricity sector has been predominantly short-term and without an overarching vision, involving repeated approval of emergency plans and financial burdens on imposed upon consumers, according to Shapira.
In response, the Energy and Water Ministry said that the office agrees that there is a fundamental program with managing the electricity sector. Since he assumed office, Energy and Water Minister Uzi Landau has been concerned with the issues of decentralization and governance of the power sector, according to the ministry.