Tel Aviv predominately votes for Blue and White, early results show

Residents of Tel Aviv, Israel's second largest city, predominately voted for Benny Gantz's Blue and White party, according to the latest count of the votes released in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. While the latest numbers show Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud gaining the most of the electorate, they only received 19.2% in Tel Aviv. Blue and White by contrast received 45.5%.  
Historically, the cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, a center of arts and culture, has voted for more left leaning parties while Jerusalem has voted for more right wing and religious parties in past elections
8.9% of Tel Aviv residents voted for the left wing Meretz party, 8.5% voted for the Labor party and 3.1% voted for the Sephardic religious Shas party.
The final tally has yet to be released by the Central Elections Committee.