Ten honored with Israel's 59th annual Israel Prize

The Israel Prize, the nation's highest accolade, was awarded to ten honorees on Thursday night at the closing ceremony of Israel Independence Day festivities at the Jerusalem International Convention Center, formerly known as Binyanei HaUma.
The ten recipients were:
Prof. David Kashdan for Mathematics and Computer Sciences;
Prof. Shlomo Bentin for Psychology;
Prof. David Milstein for Chemistry and Physics;
Profs. Ruth Katz and Dalia Carni Cohen for Culture, Arts and Musicology;
Prof. Yoav Binyamini for Economics and Statistics;
Natan Shaham for Literature and Hebrew Song; and
Yaakov Ahimeir for Communications. 
Life Achievement awards were given to environmentalist Azaria Alon, who was one of the founders of the Society for the Protection of Nature, and educator and former MK Rabbi Haim Drukman.  Alon has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest running weekly radio program.  Alon has been broadcasting for 53 years on Israel Radio's Reshet Bet. Drukman has been engaged in Yeshivot Hesder, bringing Zionist youth to Israel, immigrant absorption and compassionate conversion within the framework of Halacha.
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