Two people dead after drowning in flooded Tel Aviv elevator

The men were trapped in the flooded elevator after it short circuited in the basement of the building, which then flooded with rain water.

Fire and Rescue Department scuba divers attempt to rescue the two men trapped in a flooded elevator in the basement of a Tel Aviv apartment building. (Credit: Fire and Rescue Department)
Two people drowned in a flooded elevator as winter rains lashed Tel Aviv on Saturday afternoon.
One of the two who died, a man in his 30s, was rescued around 3 p.m. from the elevator in the flooded basement of the residential building. In critical condition, he was evacuated to Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, and pronounced dead shortly after.
The other, a woman, was rescued around 5 p.m., unconscious and in critical condition, and was immediately evacuated to Ichilov Hospital as medics performed life-saving treatment on her. She too was pronounced dead shortly after.
The elevator got stuck in the basement as a result of an electric short circuit. Shortly thereafter came the wave of flooding water, which left the two people trapped inside the elevator as it filled with rainwater.
“One of the [two] in his 30s was rescued and brought to us, unconscious, without a pulse and not breathing whilst suffering from hypothermia,” said Yosef Nahon, a Magen David Adom medic who arrived to the scene. “We gave him medical treatment and gave him life-saving treatment while he was being evacuated to Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv in critical condition.”
There were reports of flooding nationwide. In Tel Aviv, flooded streets were knee-high in water. Approximately 40,000 people nevertheless visited the country’s nature reserves and parks throughout the weekend, despite the heavy rain.
Earlier in the day, another man had to be rescued off of the roof of his car near Zichron Ya’acov after the road flooded around him. He was given medical treatment after he was found to have mild hypothermia.
Numerous highways throughout the country were closed due to flooding, as well.
Snow fell in the Golan Heights and on the Hermon, the latter of which closed its gates to skiers as the inclement weather made the conditions unsuitable for skiing. Several hiking paths were closed due to the weather, as well.