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Heavy rain forces parts of Sydney, Australia to evacuate

The heavy downpour is set to continue for the rest of Sunday in Sydney and throughout the state, with some areas expected to get up to 200 millimeters (7.9 inches) of rain.


Another great flood? Pope Francis says God may reprise the biblical tale

Climate change could spark a flood of literally biblical proportions.

Amid stormy weather, Israeli innovation saves Holon from flooding

Previous winters submerged cars and flooded Holon's streets, costing severe damage • Ayyeka CEO: "This year, there won't be flooding in Holon."

Nahariya gets flooded by Friday's rainfall, January 29 2021.

Weather in Israel: Heavy winter rains, flooding expected

The heavy rains are supposed to subside a bit over the weekend, with light rains in the north and along the coasts.

Police rescue driver in flood‏

Nahariya's streets flooded, blocked due to heavy raining - watch

"We will not be able to go through a flood of this magnitude every two weeks. We need to solve this now," Mayor Marelli said.

Polluted stream - illustrative photo

8-year-old falls into stream - sucked into subterranean pipeline

Standing on the edge of the stream for a better view, the 8-year-old boy tripped and fell in, disappearing within seconds.

Israelis trapped in apartments, cars as heavy rains flood the country

The police announced that it blocked several sections of Route 90 during Wednesday, as parts of the road were completely flooded.

Israel's bad infrastructure is a recurring problem - it's time to fix it

This problem has to do with a lack of attention to detail and is part of the general attitude here with issues that don’t pertain to matters of security of “yihiye b’seder”, “it will be okay.”

Storms rage across Israel, causing massive floods across the country

Several major roads, including Highway 2 and Highway 5 were blocked due to heavy rainfall.

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