US envoy: Obama, Netanyahu ties based on trust, interests

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama share strong ties based on trust and common interests, US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro said on Wednesday.
As both Israel and the United States are seeking a viable solution for regional security issues, especially in light of the ongoing tensions surrounding Iran's nuclear program, Shapiro insisted that "strong ties" between the US and Israel, based on the relationship between Obama and Netanyahu, "flow all the way down the ranks of our government's military and intelligence services."
Shapiro - who was speaking at the annual symposium for the Institute for National Security Studies' - was disputing earlier comments at the INSS conference that Netanyahu and Obama have a negative relationship. Late last year, Obama was caught on microphone complaining to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy that he has to "deal with" Netanyahu "every day," and the US president has not visited Israel since Netanyahu has taken office.
Still, Shapiro insisted that ties between the Israeli premier and Obama "are designed and directed by the two leaders at the top who have the trust in each other, and [have an] identification of the common interest to execute that policy and direct their governments to do the same."
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