US Poll: Only 5% oppose Israeli strike on Iran

Only five percent of Americans believe Washington should oppose Israeli military action to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons and a majority are cynical about the prospects of sanctions preventing Tehran's drive toward becoming a nuclear power, a Pew Research Center poll conducted last week found and released Thursday.
Asked where Washington should stand if Israel were to attack Iran in order to stop its nuclear weapons program, 51 percent of those polled said the US should stay neutral over an Israeli attack but 39% of those polled said Washington should support a military strike by Jerusalem.
Broken down along party lines, Republican support for an Israeli strike was clearly stronger than Democrats and independent voters. A strong 62% majority of Republicans said Washington should support Israeli military action, while only one-third of Democrats and independents answered similarly.
Although the answers about support for an Israeli strike varied when broken down by the gender, education, political affiliation and religion, one consistent position was that very few think the US should oppose Israeli action. In total, only five percent of Americans oppose such a move.
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