U.S. Republican senator seeks briefings on reported China hacking attack

WASHINGTON - The top Republican on the Senate Commerce Committee has asked Apple Inc, Inc and Super Micro Computer Inc for staff briefings about a Bloomberg report that the Chinese government implanted malicious hardware into server motherboards provided by Super Micro.
Senator John Thune said in letters to the chief executives made public on Tuesday that he had sought staff briefings by Oct. 12 from the three companies.
"Allegations that the US hardware supply chain has been purposely tampered with by a foreign power must be taken seriously," Thune wrote.
Apple's top security officer, George Stathakopoulos, told Thune and other members of Congress in a letter on Sunday that the company had found no sign of suspicious transmissions or other evidence that it had been penetrated in a sophisticated attack on its supply chain.
Stathakopoulos said he would be available for briefings this week.