3 Ways to Protect Your Retirement Savings From The Next Financial Crisis

Securing your retirement is important for your future savings. See what are the best ways to obtain a diversified and long term growth investment portfolio.

Gold Backed IRA (photo credit: PR)
Gold Backed IRA
(photo credit: PR)
We all know that if we did our part in saving for the future, we would be set once old age comes. But we also know that the economy is a constant - it fluctuates, it goes up and goes down, but, forever it will have a constant effect on our lives.
This is true even before considering the big variables, like economic crises, the global economy and financial government stability.
Lately, attention has been drawn to the UK. Pension savings are now at risk after Britain decided to exit the EU. This has caused inflation, which leads to pensions losing a lot of their worth.
We have collected the top 3 ways to secure your financial future:
1.  Be prepared for inflation
An unexpected rise in inflation will have an adverse effect for your pension and pensioners.
Financial crises are most dangerous for a pension investment. It’s happened before, it's happening now, and is expected to happen again, possibly completely erasing your pension.
Nowadays it is hard to determine what possible outcome may occur once we reach our retirement age, which also keeps rising as technology makes us healthier and gives us a longer life expectancy.
Relatively safe pension investments, like the Social Security pension and savings accounts, would still expose you to the real possibility for a coming crisis in the economy.
Presented with even 'simple' variables, like current inflation and bank interest rates, your pension savings will turnout not near enough to provide a decent living wage. Medical bills and other unexpected expenses should be taken into account, but that is hardly ever the case.
2.  Position investments for growth
Diversification is key. Keeping your money in a savings account won't give you financial growth. When considering your pension it won't do you much good.
The Social Security pension and such are considered to be somewhat safe, yet they are still an investment which has a risk. Large risk investments, such as real-estate or stocks, have higher risk, but will also have larger prospects for returns.
A good pension savings account is one that will safely keep your standard of living as you expect it to be for a long term of some 30 years.
3.  The Golden Tip – Precious Metals
The value of a good investment can be seen in precious metals. Unlike stocks or bonds they keep a constant value that keeps up with the inflation and has a very low risk.
Because there is a global requirement for precious metals and gold, there is a constant need and demand for this limited rare commodity. The value of precious metals constantly keeps up with the economic growth as it has now and for a very long time to come.
Precious metals investments seem like a well-kept secret between long-term investors. They offer advantages such as:
•    Demand
•    Long term sustainability
•    Barricaded against inflation and deflation
•    Tax benefits to individuals
•    Are the safest way to invest, considering geopolitical and economic uncertainty
Tax benefits to individuals investing in precious metals are very inviting. You can refrain from paying taxes, accumulate your wealth year after year, then only pay the tax when you wish to withdraw your investment.  Unlike other tax-benefited investment, you may avail yourself of choosing this option.
How can I rollover my existing 401k to a Gold IRA investment?
It is easy to see the attractive qualities people are looking for in diversifying their investment portfolio while still keeping it safe and easy to keep track of.
Securing your retirement is important. It is equally important that you set your gold IRA account up in the most tax effective way, with the best chances of maximizing your return on investment (ROI) and of course in compliance with the rules and regulations stipulated and governed by the IRS. That is why you should work with an investment company that specializes in both precious metals and retirement accounts.
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Compiled by Laura Sigal & Optimise.