First Holocaust Museum in Metaverse to display ​​NFTs from survivors

The first Holocaust museum in the metaverse aims to use NFTs to transform survivors’ tragic memories into artistic visual presentations.

 Holocaust survivor NFT. (photo credit: Chasde Naomi)
Holocaust survivor NFT.
(photo credit: Chasde Naomi)

The Chasdei Naomi organization has established the first Holocaust museum in the Metaverse — where it will display NFTs created by Holocaust survivors — in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 27. 

The first Holocaust museum in the metaverse turns survivors’ tragic memories into visual projects, connecting survivors and artists to educate younger generations about the Holocaust.

Among other artistic mediums, video testimonies and interviews between survivors and online media creators are recorded either directly or through interpreters for survivors who do not speak Hebrew and shared to the Metaverse as an NFT on the blockchain.

Not all of the NFTs will be testimonies or stories. For example, one of the collections on display will be a coat with a bloodstain that a Holocaust survivor has kept since the Holocaust, as the bloodstain is from her late brother who was murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust.

"This is an exciting process,” said a Representative of Chasdei Naomi and Raisa, a Holocaust survivor. "An amazing situation has slowly been created, a personal and intergenerational connection between those who are on the side of the NFT works and the survivors themselves." 

 Holocaust survivor NFT. (credit: Chasde Naomi) Holocaust survivor NFT. (credit: Chasde Naomi)

“The issue of preserving the memory of the Holocaust must adapt itself to the technological age so that it is not forgotten,” said a Chasdei Naomi Representative.

"If you know Holocaust survivors that we can turn their memories into works, please contact us," declared Chasdei Naomi, a volunteer organization that assists Holocaust survivors and other people in poverty across Israel. 

Chasdei Naomi plans to distribute food baskets to needy Holocaust survivors at several centers this week.