Holocaust Remembrance Day

Holocaust survivor holds great-grandson at brit milah during Remembrance siren

Holocaust survivor Rabbi Natan Weinberg, 90, held his great-grandson during his brit milah right as the Holocaust Remembrance Day siren sounded throughout Israel.

Hitler was 'smart' for 'expelling' Jews from Germany - Iranian paper

The article called Jews "a people who are known for their stubbornness, objections and excuses."


Young people resolve to be ‘living memory’ for last of Holocaust survivors

Inbar Carmi, 21, and her sister spontaneously decided to be hosts for a gathering of Zikaron BaSalon after attending one on Monday.

Holocaust Remembrance Day: 6 lessons in memory of the 6 million - opinion

And so, at this critical historical moment we must ask ourselves: What have we learned in the last 80 years – and more importantly, what must we do? 

Millions of people are refugees on European soil once again, and the world is silent

Today we swear on behalf of all those who were and are no longer - 'never again.’

Holocaust denial still common in the Arab world, but views are changing

Almost a hundred Arab youth from Israel also took part in the March of the Living this year.


Barbel Bas fills out testimony page in memorial of Holocaust victim

German Bundestag President Bärbel Bas visited Yad Vashem as part of her involvement in Holocaust memorial events in Israel.


NY Gov. Kathy Hochul announces $2.6 million to aid state’s Holocaust survivors

Year to year, the funding increases support for Holocaust survivor services by over $1 million.


Ukraine Holocaust survivors find shelter in Israel

Some 161,400 Holocaust survivors and victims of antisemitism during the Nazi era live in Israel. The country commemorated the six million victims of the Holocaust on Thursday.


The Holocaust Remembrance Day siren and stubborn Israeli politics - comment

The unity of these two minutes shows how Israel is an unruly, cacophonous testimony to the unwillingness of Jews to recede into history – and also how much more needs to be done.

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