Rapyd launches competition to send smart people into space

Fintech company has launched a competition for developers to win a trip to the vast expanse.

 The Space Perspective Spaceship Neptune (photo credit: Space Perspective)
The Space Perspective Spaceship Neptune
(photo credit: Space Perspective)

If you want to tether yourself to a massive balloon and gracefully float to space alongside several strangers, this could be your shot. Fintech-as-a-service platform Rapyd has launched a series of virtual challenges dubbed “Hack the Galaxy,” which developers can compete in to win tickets to ride to the edge of space in a private capsule launching in 2026.

From June 7 until October 3, Rapyd members will have an opportunity to compete in 42 challenges that are to be posted weekly in the company’s developer community forum. Each solution will reveal a password that unlocks an entry to win tickets to the edge of space aboard the Spaceship Neptune, made by Space Perspective. It is basically a big hydrogen balloon tied to a nice-looking room about the size of a New York studio apartment equipped with chairs, small tables and a few plants that really balance out the pod’s postmodern aesthetic.

Three winners and one winning hackathon team will be invited to board the ship, which Space Perspective is touting as the world’s only carbon-neutral spaceship. Passengers will ascend to the edge of space at a leisurely 12 miles per hour, where they’ll have the choice to either take their seats or witness their trembling knees collapse beneath them as they gawk in awe of the titanic scale of the planet through the panoramic windows.

Remarks and endorsements

Rapyd is so excited about the competition that they received an official endorsement from TV’s Captain Kirk and near centurion, William Shatner.

Having been to space myself, I can’t express how incredible an opportunity this is for software developers all over the world. It’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything,” he said, while pretending to stumble around as if the bridge of his starship were under enemy fire. “I’m excited to partner with Rapyd to spread the word to the developers worldwide to join the Rapyd Developer Community and complete the puzzles for a chance to win a trip to the edge of space!”

 The Space Perspective Spaceship Neptune (credit: Space Perspective) The Space Perspective Spaceship Neptune (credit: Space Perspective)

“The Hack the Galaxy challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and contest for our growing community of over 50,000 software developers,” Rapyd CEO Arik Shtilman said. “Developers are the dreamers and doers of fintech innovation; at Rapyd, we’re on a quest to attract accomplished talent to welcome to our community.”

“Millions of developers around the world are reimagining financial services, bringing together new ideas and innovation to solve the problem of how businesses and consumers pay and want to be paid in markets across the planet,” he said. “We’re committed to ensuring that they have access to the best tools, support and advice so that they can continue to make payment and fintech applications more frictionless.

“By launching this world-first contest, we are not only able to find and crown the greatest fintech developer on Planet Earth and beyond, but also create a place for like-minded thinkers across the globe who are hungry to connect and share ideas.”