Huge asteroid the size of 16 humpback whales to pass Earth Friday - NASA

There were fears that the massive asteroid 367789 (2011 AG5) could potentially impact the Earth between 2040 and 2047, but later NASA calculations found it unlikely.


Aliens will take over all governments in May 2023 - TikTok 'time traveler'

TikToker Aery Yormany, a modern-day Nostradamus, has made bold and outlandish predictions about the future, and an alien invasion may be among the tamer ones.


On this day in 2003: Ilan Ramon dies aboard Columbia Space Shuttle

Ramon, Israel's first astronaut, was killed along with the rest of his crew when the space shuttle disintegrated upon reentering the Earth's atmosphere.

Warming up in Mars? BGU finds polymers that heat up when exposed to LED

Materials that catalyze faster can be used in a wide range of fields, including pharmaceuticals and future Mars habitats.


Russian space intel collapsing because of sanctions, Ukraine claims

Russia is considering the creation of a new national space station to replace the ISS.

Asteroid half the size of fighter jet may nearly hit Earth Friday - NASA

8-meter-wide asteroid 2023 BU, only recently discovered, will past just a couple thousand kilometers above the Earth, NASA said, cutting it very close.


Asteroid the size of 100 Oscar awards to pass very close to Earth - NASA

The asteroid in question has been designated 2023 BL1 and will fly closer to the Earth than the Moon's own distance. But it won't hit, so Don't Look Up.


Scientists discover new feature that makes the Milky Way unique

Only a millionth of simulated galaxies were located in a cosmological wall like the Local Sheet and had a mass like the Milky Way's.

NASA, DARPA to develop nuclear rocket engine as soon as 2027

A nuclear thermal engine for a space rocket could be three or more times as efficient as conventional chemical rockets.


Scientists offer solution to Earth's brightness symmetry mystery

Scientists revealed a strong correlation between storm intensity, cloudiness and the solar energy reflection rate in each hemisphere.

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