Women Entrepreneur Feature: Meet Michelle Taite

Taite will be interviewed on July 26 at the Women's Entrepreneurship Summit.

 Michelle Taite (photo credit: Courtesy of Intuit Mailchimp)
Michelle Taite
(photo credit: Courtesy of Intuit Mailchimp)

Michelle Taite recently picked up the role of chief marketing officer at Mailchimp after the company was acquired in November by Intuit. Taite, a product designer turned marketer, says, “the customer has always been at the heart of what I do.”

“Working on a brand that provides millions of customers or small businesses this all-in-one solution for marketing and commerce and helps them grow is just super humbling,” she told Brand Innovator last year when they named her a CMO of the week. “As I think about my role and what we are doing, to me, the sweet spot of marketing is really where creativity meets performance – that bold intersection of culture and conversation. It is such an amazing reason to have joined the Mailchimp team and I am super excited about it.”

Intuit is the global technology platform that makes TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma and Mailchimp. In 2016, Intuit Israel was officially declared as Intuit’s second development center outside of the US. Today, the site has over 350 employees and is based in Petach Tikva.  

Taite will be interviewed on Tuesday, July 26 by Bloomberg’s Gwen Ackerman at the Jerusalem Post/WE Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit. She will speak virtually from the US about running marketing for a company with 12 million active users around the world. 

Taite said that Intuit Mailchimp sends around a billion emails a day for its clients who are located in around 190 countries. 

However, Mailchimp is more than an email service today. 

It also offers Mailchimp Studios, the company’s original entertainment platform, and a full suite of marketing tools from landing pages or social media integrations that make it easier for a small business to succeed.

She told Brand Innovator that the company was looking to amplify its global presence in the next couple of years. Taite’s participation at the summit will highlight Mailchimp’s work in Israel. 

What leadership lessons might she have to offer? 

As she told the “Morning Brew” recently, a key to success is to craft resilient teams.

“It’s critical to check in with each other, stay connected, and to treat colleagues as people first, employees second,” she told the Morning Brew. At Mailchimp, she said, “we like to think of our workplace as a no-judgment zone, where no idea is too big or too small.”

The Women Entrepreneurship Summit will take place on July 26. It will be live streamed on jpost.com, maariv.co.il and walla.co.il. For more information: www.jpost.com/WEsummit.