Australian news org. produces 3,000 stories a week with AI

Although the AI generated content is overseen by journalists, it has opened the door for massive amounts of content to be produced daily.

 Artificial intelligence (illustrative) (photo credit: WIKIMEDIA)
Artificial intelligence (illustrative)
(photo credit: WIKIMEDIA)

News Corp Australia, an Australian media conglomerate, has been using generative artificial intelligence (AI) to produce 3,000 weekly articles, according to a report from The Guardian late last month.

The media organization’s executive chair, Michael Miller, claimed that with a four staff member team they are able to use AI to create thousands of articles on a weekly basis.

A spokesperson for News Corp noted that the AI generated articles cover service information and provide readers with information on topics such as  weather, fuel prices and traffic conditions.

The AI content provides such content for locations all over the country, allowing the news giant to disseminate relevant information to its local subsidiaries across Australia.

One example of such an AI generated story is entitled “Where to find the cheapest fuel in Penrith.”

 News Corporation Headquarters. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)
News Corporation Headquarters. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The Guardian noted that, on the article page there was no indication that the article was AI generated. Nevertheless, the News Corp spokesperson affirmed that human journalists do oversee the articles.

“For some years now,” the spokesperson stated, “we have used automation to update local fuel prices several times daily as well as daily court lists, traffic and weather, death and funeral notices.”

The AI is generating income

News Corp indicated that the AI is helping the media conglomerate to create value. The sort of local news that it is able to generate on such a massive scale is a significant factor in accumulating subscriptions.

Indeed, Miller noted that most new subscribers are joining to get the latest information on local news. 

In fact, he stated, hyperlocal mastheads are responsible for more than half of all new subscriptions. News Corp has, in the last few years, launched 24.

The new subscribers stay, Miller added, for national news, international news, and lifestyle content.

Furthermore, with so few staff required to oversee the AI, there’s opportunity for the media organization to maximize its profit margins.

Miller noted that “If that single journalist can generate seven new subscriptions a week, then their salary is covered.”

AI has proven an effective tool for media companies, and there remains lots of interest in pursuing avenues to continue to implement it.