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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing cardiology, expert says

AI, robotics and new technologies will be at the center of the conference Innovation in cardiovascular Interventions in Tel Aviv on December 5th, Rambam Health Care Campus’ Prof. Rafael Beyar said.

Men try device that mimics menstrual cramps - can't handle it

There is one thing that men will never understand - how menstrual cramps feel!

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Cardiovascular medical leaders, innovators to meet in Israel

Over 1,500 world leaders in cardiology will meet at the 27th ICI meeting in Tel Aviv in December.

Metaverse has same, if not worse, issues as Facebook did - opinion

We are all familiar with the addiction and emotional impact that Facebook and Instagram have had on us and on our adolescent children.


'You could say ZoomInfo is the largest public company in Israel'

3 years after the company's acquisition, and more than a year after going public on Nasdaq in the first IPO of the coronavirus era, the case for ZoomInfo as an Israeli company is compelling.


Betterseeds: Using technology to improve crop yields

Israel-based BetterSeeds has shown that better crop genetics is the key to solving the nutritional challenge of population growth.

Facial movements can be tracked to detect lying with 73% accuracy - TAU researchers

It is nearly impossible to accurately determine when someone is lying with most existing technologies; electrodes, however, can be used to detect facial movements and correctly identify lies.

Essence Group Wins Double CES 2022 Innovation Awards

Essence Group won the award for two of its recent developments, the MyShield 5G-connected comprehensive intruder prevention system and the VitalOn seamless remote patient monitoring platform.

Israeli startup develops innovative tech to combat global warming

New system is designed to make cooling and heating of food, pharmaceuticals and agriculture industries as energy-efficient as possible.


Tracking one's children is now the norm - study

A study that examined parents' tracking of their children using location-based applications found that the phenomenon, once considered a sign of over-parenting, is now prevalent.

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