How to become a millionaire in 7 steps - TikTok entrepreneur

One entrepreneur on TikTok gave a "get ready with me" tutorial - which expanded financial literacy knowledge for users across the board.

 A luxury car in front of a designer store. (photo credit: UNSPLASH)
A luxury car in front of a designer store.
(photo credit: UNSPLASH)

We are living in an age where business professionals are turning to social media platforms to help everyday users accomplish their goals through the hustle. TikTok female entrepreneurship influencer Hannah Chan shared her advice for manifesting one specific financial milestone: making a million dollars.

On her account @realhannahchan, this particular video had users across the platform taking vigorous notes. The goal? Accumulate wealth, and hit that million-dollar mark.

@realhannahchan Replying to @Rae Seven life rules that will make you a millionaire. Starting a business or achieving financial success is all about your mindset, not just strategy @Hannah Chan @Hannah Chan ♬ original sound - Hannah Chan

Seven standout rules to follow to achieve your fortune:

1. Language you use is either a vitamin or a poison: Don’t speak to yourself in any way that isn’t empowering.

2. Change your money mindset: Believe you are worthy of making more and are worth more.
3. Weaponize your environment: Make small changes in your living space that can help you reach that next level of success.

 Hands holding money (credit: MAARIV) Hands holding money (credit: MAARIV)
4. Follow the be > do > have order: In order to have something, like a million dollars, you have to first become the kind of person that has a million dollars. How does that million-dollar version of yourself act and live their life?

5. Cost vs investment: Before making a big purchase, ask if it’s a cost or an investment. Chan explained that “spending $2,000 on a handbag is a cost. If you spent $2,000 furthering a skill, that is an investment.”

6. Charge by the result, not by the hour: There are only 24 hours in a day, why cap your income there?
7. Normalize outgrowing friends: "When you level up, it's a lot easier for the people around you to bring you back down instead of being inspired to work harder themselves,” Chan said. Have no fear, though; you will attract people more on your level.