Israeli cybersecurity start-up Eureka receives $8m. from YL Ventures

Israeli startup Eureka has received $8 million in seed funding from YL Ventures. They have created a data cloud security solution, which has become a game changing platform.

 Eureka founders (Liat Hayun, CEO and Asaf Weiss, CTO) (photo credit: Erik Sultan)
Eureka founders (Liat Hayun, CEO and Asaf Weiss, CTO)
(photo credit: Erik Sultan)

Israeli startup Eureka announced on Wednesday that they received $8 million in seed funding from YL Ventures with the participation of renowned security executives and serial entrepreneurs.

Eureka is a startup that provides cybersecurity for cloud data stores, founded by Palo Alto Networks (PANW) veterans Liat Hayun (CEO), former VP of Product Management, and Asaf Weiss (CTO), former Senior Director of Engineering.

"Eureka’s solution will massively impact the way businesses grow through their data," said John Brennan, Partner at YL Ventures. "By offering security leaders the operational powers they require without causing friction to business interests, Liat and Asaf are ushering in an entirely new kind of digital transformation in the coming years."

YL Ventures funds and supports brilliant Israeli tech entrepreneurs from seed to lead. Based in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, YL Ventures manages over $300 million, specializing in cybersecurity.

As security teams have been grappling with keeping up with the pace of data proliferation and as the volume and value of cloud data rise, there are growing security risks to ensuring data is protected.

A Microsoft cloud datacenter. (credit: MICROSOFT ISRAEL)
A Microsoft cloud datacenter. (credit: MICROSOFT ISRAEL)

Eureka enables security teams to mitigate the risk of data loss and theft in multi-cloud environments by gaining control over their organization’s entire cloud data security posture and compliance.

"Existing solutions involve manual processes and point products that don’t scale to the speed or volume at which these data stores are created and used," said Liat Hayun, Eureka’s CEO. “And, while most controls might exist natively, organizations are still struggling to use them effectively across their entire data store footprint,” she added.

Cloud data stores often contain sensitive personal, financial and operational information, as well as IP and trade secrets, which are common targets for bad actors. 

Eureka’s solution offers a higher layer of security compared to point solutions and native tools by providing comprehensive and real-time views of data stores and risks.


"The fact that they're accomplishing this in a single platform is game-changing", said David Hannigan, Director of Product Security Assurance at Google Cloud.