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Elon Musk expected to visit Israel next week - report

Elon Musk is set to meet with President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit.

Coronavirus & Israeli Tech

Global tech coalition launches 'Circles of Dialogue' to support Israeli tech amid crisis

The group is the latest addition to a series of collaborative efforts within the tech industry since October 7 aiming to keep Israeli tech afloat as war with Hamas continues.

Papaya introduces The Winning Challenge

High-tech company Papaya initiates an experiential tournament platform for children and families evacuated from their homes in the Gaza envelope.

The logo of Bezeq Israeli Telecommunication Corp Ltd, the country's largest telecom group, is seen.

Bezeq suffers no loss from war thus far, as Pelephone makes landmark international acquisition

The Israeli telecom giant is expanding its global reach with the landmark acquisition of Roamability

Humane AI PIN: Revolutionary wearable device for a smartphone-free world

Explore the groundbreaking AI PIN by Humane, a $699 wearable redefining connectivity without screens or keyboards.


Will Israel's Start-Up Nation emerge stronger after October 7 massacre? - opinion

Resilience in adversity: How Israeli start-ups are innovating through global and local market challenges.

Medved: Despite all odds, 'the tech community is fully mobilized'

The CEO of OurCrowd praised Israel's hi-tech sector for its resilience in the face of crisis.

Smartphones, smart speakers could pick out drunk drivers by analyzing voice patterns

When checked against breath alcohol results, changes in the participants’ voice patterns as the experiment went on predicted alcohol intoxication with 98% accuracy.

VCs collaborate to launch fund aiming to maintain Israeli tech leadership

“This is about safeguarding the future of the Israeli economy.”

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