HiBob and Deel announce partnership to help multinational companies

The partnership between the two companies will serve mid-sized multinational companies.

 Roni Zehavi (right) , CEO and Founder of HiBob, and Israel David, co-founder of HiBob (on the left). (photo credit: HiBob)
Roni Zehavi (right) , CEO and Founder of HiBob, and Israel David, co-founder of HiBob (on the left).
(photo credit: HiBob)

HR tech platform HiBob has announced a new partnership with Deel, a payroll and compliance system that provides for companies with international teams. This partnership will enable global companies to better serve teams of various compositions of employees ranging from full time to freelance, domestic to international.

“We are in the midst of the Great Resignation, and employee turnover, hiring to enable growth are at peak levels. HR leaders are under significant pressure to manage everything from recruitment and hiring to onboarding and retaining initiatives to offboarding workers leaving their organizations,” said HiBob CEO Ronni Zehavi.

An analysis of Central Bureau of Statistics data by the Israel Democracy Institute revealed that the early pandemic period saw a large spike in resignations as the initial lockdown and uncertainty rolled through the nation. Overall, compared to the situation at the beginning of the pandemic (January-February 2020), resignations have increased by 8%.

Zehavi continued, “Especially for modern, multi-location, high-growth companies, this can present substantial challenges without the right technology in place as HR teams are managing employees across regions with many different employment arrangements. HiBob’s integration with Deel solves this problem. It takes the guesswork out of these processes by making the process of hiring and paying workers – all while remaining compliant – seamless regardless of where they live.”

The partnership between Deel and HiBob will serve mid-sized multinational companies with the onboarding process for one service now feeding into both systems, allowing for increased flexibility in managing many types of employment arrangements, payment cycles, locations, currencies and time and attendance compliance benefits.

“At Deel, we’re constantly looking at ways to help businesses around the world hire and manage their global workforce,” said Deel CEO and founder Alex Bouaziz. “We’re delighted to be partnering with Hibob, a leader in its field, to give global, high-growth companies the ability to streamline and better serve their employees wherever they might be in the world. The integration of Hibob’s capabilities with Deel’s seamless functionality will provide major benefits to global teams of all sizes.”

 Deel founder Alex Bouaziz (credit: Courtesy) Deel founder Alex Bouaziz (credit: Courtesy)

HiBob’s revenue growth has consistently surpassed 100% since the company’s inception in 2015. Its services are employed by a slew of hi-tech companies around the world, including Fiverr; VaynerMedia; and Swedish sock, underwear and swimwear retailer Happy Socks.