As AI Week kicks off, here are a few notable topics of discussion

Where is AI headed? A virtual three-day conference hostel by TAU and co-founded by Intel intends to find out.

Artificial intelligence (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Artificial intelligence
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

AI Week 2022, a virtual three-day conference hosted by the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Center at Tel Aviv University and co-founded by Intel, began on February 7. For the remainder of the week, the conference will cover topics related to the application of artificial intelligence in a wide variety of technological fields, ranging from machine learning to quantum computing.

In regards to the latter, the head of Google’s quantum technology team Sandbox, Jack Hidary, delivered a keynote on how AI technology can be used to complement current and future developments in quantum computing. Shortly after, Lior Wolf, a professor in the school of computer science at Tel Aviv University, presented on machine learning as affected by AI.

Wolf explained that by utilizing the proper learning models, AI can go beyond identifying objects, but can even break down what it sees into specific, detailed characteristics. For example, a bird can be identified and then broken down into characteristics such as “feathered,” “red” and “flying.” A primary application of this technology is in more precise and accurate medical diagnoses by means of analyzing such things as CT scans.

One highlight of the day was a presentation by Dr. Amitai Arnon, a core founder of the conference and chief data scientist at Intel IT AI Group, who spoke about AI innovation in Intel applications. According to Arnon, Intel is developing AI in a variety of fields, including language models, protein folding, machine programming (coding using AI), autonomous driving and AI chip design.

In December, Intel made a significant move in the autonomous driving market by announcing its intent to take its automotive tech company Mobileye public in the United States. The company will be offered via an IPO in mid-2022.

“Mobileye has realized accelerated growth and opportunity since joining the Intel family, nearly tripling annual chip shipments, revenue and the number of employees since the acquisition,” said Mobileye founder and CTO Prof. Amnon Shashua.

“Our alignment with Intel continues to provide Mobileye with valuable technical resources and support that has yielded strong revenue along with free cash flow that allows us to fund our AI development work from current revenue,” said Shashua. “Intel and Mobileye’s ongoing technology co-development will continue to deliver great platform solutions for our customers.”

AI Week will continue until February 9. Each lecture will be available to view on the website after it’s given, at