Meet PAPAWATCH: A smartwatch designed specifically for seniors

KIDI has launched a new product aimed at the elderly which has a variety of vital functions aimed at easing the daily lives of adults who need some family supervision.

 PAPAWATCH  (photo credit: Kidi Telecommunications)
(photo credit: Kidi Telecommunications)

Kidi Telecommunications, the maker of the KIDIWATCH smart children's watch brand, has launched a new product aimed at the elderly. Their smartwatch is called PAPAWATCH and has various essential functions which help seniors.


The watch is connected to an app installed on the phone of a son, daughter or another family member, where through the app it’s possible to communicate with the person wearing it. The watch contains a variety of essential functions such as measuring blood pressure and pulse at any moment, as well as a reminder to take medication.

In addition, it allows you to see on a map where the person wearing it is, using a built-in GPS, and in case of danger, there’s an SOS button that can be connected to three different devices so that as soon as it’s pressed it dials three numbers.

Communication with the smartwatch

In an age where video calling has become popular both through computer software and various applications, the company has decided to take smartwatches one step further and enable video communication beyond voice and textual communication.

The smartwatch allows remote listening which allows you to communicate remotely if a situation arises in which the adult is lost or doesn’t answer calls. The watch operates via the 4th generation cellular network, and replaces a cell phone because it’s more convenient to answer without getting up to grab a phone.

An elderly man walking in Jerusalem wearing a COVID-19 mask  (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)An elderly man walking in Jerusalem wearing a COVID-19 mask (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
The watch comes with a powerful MAH700 battery, a 1.4-inch screen size, weighs 50 grams and connects via WIFI. The price of the new version is NIS 399. The kit has an 019 SIM card, which can be activated through a discounted subscription at a cost of NIS 24 per month for an extended package which is available on the company's website.