ExitValley unleashes new investment opportunity

ExitValley and Amplefields Investments provide a unique investment opportunity in groundbreaking technologies.


Amplefields Investments:Access to the most successful, mature and established companies in Israel
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ExitValley has created a new investment channel, that offers its investor community a unique opportunity to invest alongside leading venture capital (VC) and private equity funds and become shareholders in the most promising private technology companies.

The first undertaking is a joint special purpose vehicle (SPV) with Amplefields Investments, a private equity fund that specializes in investments in mid to late-stage private hi-tech companies with groundbreaking technologies and proven commercial models.

Thus far, ExitValley's primary product has been the Angel Investments Platform, which has successfully completed over 100 rounds of financing. An angel investor is a private individual with equity who invests in start-up companies, usually in the initial capital stages (pre-seed and seed), as an individual, or as part of a group. "In this framework, we make it possible for anyone in the world to invest directly in early-stage Israeli companies, with a minimum ticket ranging around $10,000, $20,000, or even $50,000," says Eden Pozin, ExitValley Business Development Manager, who heads the development of new investment products.

ExitValley and Amplefields Investments (Credit: EXITVALLEY)ExitValley and Amplefields Investments (Credit: EXITVALLEY)

"With ExitValley VC Access Fund, we are continuing our company's evolution, offering investments in later start-up stages and covering a wide range of investors’ preferences" adds Pozin.

ExitValley's revolutionary new investment channel enables accredited investors to invest in private advanced-stage companies, alongside and on the same terms as leading VCs. The uniqueness of this product is its low entry barrier (starting at US$50,000), while until recently this option was only open to funds, institutional investors, and angels, investing a significantly higher amount.

The first ExitValley VC Access Fund is providing its investors the opportunity to invest alongside Amplefields Investments, established by the Israeli entrepreneur Moran Chamsi. The fund has made investments in nine unicorn technology companies in the past year alone, one of which (Payoneer LTD) recently went public and gave the fund its first exit, just a few months after its establishment. Among the fund’s portfolio companies: Cybereason, Verbit, Via, Trax, OpenWeb, Corvus, StoreDot, Sisence.

The product is aimed to allow investors to divide their capital between several mature and established technology companies, while the investments will be made in deals carefully chosen by an experienced and professional team. This way, investors can diversify their investment portfolio, thereby reducing single-company risk on their capital and maximizing the chances of success.

"With ExitValley VC Access Fund, we are continuing our company's evolution, offering investments in later start-up stages and covering a wide range of investors’ preferences"

Eden Pozin, ExitValley Business Development Manager

"It is precisely during this period, which is challenging for Israeli high-tech and the venture capital market in general, that secondary transactions are more attractive and more secure," notes Pozin. "Although the returns are not the same as investing in seed companies, the waiting times for liquidation of investments are significantly lower. In addition, in view of the macroeconomic situation in the markets, there are an increasing number of attractive deals, because those sellers, usually employees of the companies and early investors who need available capital, are willing to sell at a more attractive price" she explains. "Due to their vast network of connections in the ecosystem, Amplefields Investments have an extraordinary ability to reach the most exclusive deals and on the most favorable terms, even when investing relatively low amounts".These days, while many companies perform down rounds or flat rounds, the fund has many opportunities to get the most attractive, discounted deals.

"It's no secret that the general public in Israel does not benefit directly from the great success of Israeli high-tech," says Moran Chamsi, Managing Partner of the Amplefields Investments fund. "As one of the leading secondary market funds in Israel, we see great importance in connecting the general public to the achievements of the leading companies in Israel. The cooperation between ExitValley and Amplefields Investments will allow ExitValley’s large investor community access to investments in the most successful, mature and established companies in Israel for the first time. We see this as a mission and are happy to take part in this development".

For more information visit: www.exitvalley.com

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