Tech Talk: EyeYon receives new financing

C2G’s optics approach is patent pending while optics are based on a hard to replicate manufacturing process developed by the company.

Woman using laptop in office corridor  (photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
Woman using laptop in office corridor
(photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
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Cinema2Go LTD is a start-up company which commenced R&D in early 2014. The company has developed a unique, patent pending optical solution for Head Mounted Displays. The core of the innovation is the lenses which enable crisp wide-angle view when using your smartphone for watching 2-D video content.
C2G’s optics approach is patent pending while optics are based on a hard to replicate manufacturing process developed by the company.
MoGo (Movie-on-the-Go) Foldable
The CEO of Cinema2Go, Arthur Rabner, founded the company after realizing that people are looking for a simple solution for watching high-quality video content on their smartphones. Existing virtual reality solutions are not good enough for this because of their optical approach, which enables an immersive experience at the expense of quality. The conventional approach divides the screen by half (for each eye) and, to maintain aspect ratio, the vertical content is also divided by half, rendering results in 5 times less pixels. For example, if you take a 2,000-pixel-resolution smartphone screen and use a virtual reality approach headset – you’ll eventually see less than HD quality.
Moreover, it is widely reported that attempts to use existing virtual reality-based masks for watching video content can cause nausea, dizziness and headaches.
Cinema2Go is aiming to capture the growing trends of video on demand and subscription video on demand, as well as using mobiles to watch content. The company has introduced its own design - a headset which converts any smartphone’s display into a virtual big screen Cinema-Theater. It is called MoGo - Movie-onthe- Go. MoGo has many features designed to maximize the VoD experience without causing any side effects.
EyeYon Medical recently raised $6.5 million in second-round funding led by China-based venture capital fund Rimonci Capital and co-investor Gauss Group, as well existing investors Triventures and Pontifax, along with a grant from Israel’s chief scientist, Avi Hasson.
The Israeli ophthalmic device company EyeYon Medical was founded by ophthalmologists Dr. Arie Marcovich and Dr. Daphna Ofer, and managed by CEO Nahum Ferera, a senior cornea surgeon and entrepreneur in the field of medical devices.
EyeYon is developing unique medical ophthalmic devices that have been proven in clinical trials and offer a solution to the medical needs of millions of patients worldwide who do not have access to satisfactory health care. The company offers two core technologies: EndoArt®, an artificial endothelial layer which can replace the need for cadaver-based implants and Hyper CLTM, a therapeutic soft contact lens.
“After taking the first product, the Hyper CLTM from an idea to CE & FDA cleared product,” says Ferera, “the financing will support EyeYon’s talented and dedicated team in taking the innovative EndoArt through extensive human clinical trials to prove safety and effectiveness, all the way to achieving regulatory approval. The round will also support the company’s goal to reach Asia together with our new professional partner Rimonci. China might be the most interesting market for EyeYon as more than 4 million people suffer from corneal blindness and can be cured by EyeYon’s innovative technologies.”
Rimonci Capital Venture Capital Fund focuses on the field of ophthalmology and among its investors are the Aier Hospital Group, the largest private eye-care hospital chain in China, as well as Gauss, the largest eye medical device distribution channel in China.
Rimonchi is always searching for new companies in the development stage that show early potential so that they can help them leverage the medical and industrial ecosystems.
Reduxio, a leader of technological innovations in the field of storage and management of information, recently announced that it has raised $22.5 million, and is expected to carry out a third round of fundraising that will bring the total investment up to $32 million.
The current round was led by British C5 Capital, which specializes in investments in cyber security, data analysis and cloud computing.
This current round more than doubles the amount of capital invested in the company.
All the previous investors in the company, including JVP, Carmel Ventures, Intel Capital, and Seagate Technologies also participated in the current financing round, which attests to the trust they have in Reduxio, and their continued support of the company’s strategy to build the best software platforms both in the cloud, as well as on its servers.
Translated by Hannah Hochner.