Tech Talk: CES Asia 2016

Flag of China (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Flag of China
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
At CES Asia, which took place May 11-13 in Shanghai, more than 375 global companies from 23 countries unveiled the next generation of technology innovation to the rapidly growing Asian marketplace.
Participants launched their products across a show floor spanning 32,000 square meters.
In addition to product debuts, Asia’s premier tech event also featured a robust conference program with keynote addresses from top executives at Huawei, Alibaba, BMW, Intel,, Legendary Pictures and Wanda Cinema Line.
CES Asia is owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and co-produced by Intex Shanghai. Despite being one of the world’s most polluted cities, Shanghai is considered a top global city for technology innovation.
Online and in-store purchases When considering their next tech purchase, Chinese consumers are much more likely to shop online (62 percent) than purchase in-store (38%). This is in contrast to planned online purchases in Indonesia (38%), Malaysia (33%), Vietnam (29%) and the Philippines (24%). According to the study, in-store purchases are driven by a desire to try out new products, whereas online purchases are primarily driven by both price and convenience.
CES Asia 2016 showcased a number of incredibly interesting innovations. Here is a small sampling: • A personal-assistant robot that can move around your home and can communicate with you through touch and hand gestures.
• There were a number of virtual reality glasses and handheld sensors that enable you to experience games as if they were really happening.
• A unique bicycle helmet that lights up the rider so that he can be seen better by drivers coming up behind him. It also has an option to be able to receive phone calls and has an emergency SOS that connects to rescue services.
• A mobile suitcase that follows its owner around. It is equipped with chargers for a variety of electronic devices and has a built-in GPS system.
• Customizable, HD eInk-powered shoes that are controlled through a mobile or desktop application.
•A 3-D pen that lets you make 3-D creations that’s easy enough even for kids to use.
The CES Asia conference featured more than 100 speakers and 50 sessions, including keynote addresses from top executives at Alibaba and on the second day of the show and conference sessions discussing drone policy, sustainability and smart-home technology.
CES Asia featured all four of China’s top retailers, with Suning and Yihaodian joining Alibaba and as exhibitors. No other event in the world, including CES in Las Vegas, hosts an event in which all major Chinese retailers participate together.
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Translated by Hannah Hochner.