Tech Talk: Octopus extends its tentacles

The new funding will enable Octopus to expand its operations and deliver it to the global market. The company is already successful in Israel, with high-profile clients such as Coca-Cola, VISA (CAL),

The flapjack octopus  (photo credit: HANDOUT / MBARI / AFP)
The flapjack octopus
(photo credit: HANDOUT / MBARI / AFP)
Octopus, an integrated Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) service, has announced that it has raised $2.5 million from Singulariteam Ltd., known for funding innovative companies such as StoreDot and InfinityAR.
Singulariteam’s second fund recently secured $100m. from Chinese Internet giants Tencent Holding Group and Renren.
Cloud computing and mobile devices have rapidly transformed how all businesses operate. Not surprisingly, new technology is also moving the physical security industry into territory that would have been considered science fiction just a few years ago.
Octopus is at the forefront of these advances, offering the industry’s only complete cloud-enabled security management system, and a mobile app that leverages the native capabilities of smartphones and tablets, to streamline all security operations onto one screen, while taking advantage of the mobile user as a human sensor.
Through this symbiosis of digital and physical security, disparate sources of information can be drawn together into a common operating picture so a security manager can see events unfold in real time and instantly mobilize resources in an emergency. The system can monitor and relay all kinds of data sources, including biometrics, infrastructure management, fireand burglar-alarm systems, police dispatches, traffic reports, video feeds and social-media keywords to anticipate security needs for any event or environment.
This flexibility means that Octopus can manage security needs for largescale facilities such as smart and safe cities, government authorities, airports and seaports, hospitals, banks, hotels, corporate offices, factories and commercial buildings. The software can also integrate with almost all existing security systems so institutions can upgrade their current operations practically overnight and at very low cost.
“We know that modern businesses are looking for security management that can ensure maximum usability, flexibility and agility,” Octopus CEO Tal Bar Or said. “Cloud computing provides comprehensive security management for the user and easy, cost-effective integration as technologies improve and new devices appear on the market.
“We are already seeing more cloud-based security services emerge, such as cloud-hosted video surveillance systems and IoT [Internet of Things]-based devices, and we are geared to offer our customers a solution that is future-proof, enabling easy integration with other cloud-based services in a secure manner.”
The new funding will enable Octopus to expand its operations and deliver it to the global market. The company is already successful in Israel, with high-profile clients such as Coca-Cola, VISA (CAL), ICL, three banks and the government.
OneWeb secures $500m. in financing OneWeb, which is building a new global communications system to create affordable broadband services, has announced it has raised $500m. of funding from a group of leading international companies.
It has attracted investment from Airbus Group, Bharti Enterprises, Hughes Network Systems, Intelsat, Qualcomm Incorporated, Coca-Cola Company, Virgin Group and Totalplay.
This funding allows One- Web to further develop key technologies to enable affordable broadband for rural and underdeveloped locations. The OneWeb User Terminals are optionally solar powered and with their embedded LTE, 3G, 2G and WiFi access capabilities will extend the mobile operator’s reach.
The network will also provide unprecedented speeds and low latency access to ships, planes, trains and oil platforms while providing seamless interoperability with Intelsat’s fleet of Ku-band satellites.