Will Israeli-founded Wix prompt the discovery of the next Justin Bieber?

Developed by the Tel Aviv-headquartered firm, the new Wix Music platform aims to revolutionize"the online music industry.

Microphone (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
If “Video Killed the Radio Star” decades ago, these days, do-it-yourself online platforms have the potential to lead lesser-known artists to chart-topping stardom, and an Israeli company has recently tapped into the field.
Israeli-founded company Wix recently launched a new web development platform that offers budding musicians a simple "one-stop-shop" for independent promotion, sharing, selling and distribution of their tunes and brand.
The Tel Aviv-headquartered firm partnered with Grammy-winning duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to promote the late October launch of Wix Music 2.0, aiming to "disrupting" the online music industry and cut out the middle man by centralizing all the tools musicians need to create visibility while rendering control of their works.
"Wix Music allows musicians to grow their business while staying true to the art they create," said Macklemore. “What made their platform so dope to me was seeing an artist in control."
Eric Mason, director of marketing communications at Wix, recently told The Jerusalem Post that the new Wix platform “will revolutionize” the scene for the soloist, small band or small-business musician trying to break into the industry.
Some four million musicians use the nearly 10-year-old Wix technology, including its original website platform. While Wix does not yet have concrete statistics on the number of Wix Music users, Mason said the number of subscribers has steadily increased since its launch.
Wix Music "allows people like Justin Bieber to be found through an online presence," Mason said in reference to the young pop star who was discovered by means of his YouTube presence.
"You have to have an online presence these days," he stressed, noting that whether it's through social media or a website, artists must find a way to share their works.
The Wix Music product suite includes tools for distribution to big streaming services and online stores, commission free music sales, tour and show promotion, ticket sales, fan communication and management, merchandise sales and press kit building.
Mason explained that the initiative was born after Wix examined its user base in attempt to identify where there was need for industry-specific vertical solutions, such as the company's previously-launched Wix Hotel booking engine for the hospitality industry.
As part of the Wix Music launch, the company partnered with YouTube under the banner of the nearly week-long "Opening Act" campaign to showcase its new users in pre-roll clips playing ahead of  music videos by top artists.
Nir Koren, an Israeli artist who submitted multiple songs to the campaign that ended last week, told the Post that while such Internet platforms are useful for creating visibility, they also increase competition.
"In the 90s things were a lot easier because there wasn't as much competition, now everyone has a camera and can record a video and song," he notes. "It feels like there are a lot more bands now than there used to be, but maybe the Internet just creates more awareness."