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Haim Yavin was offered many opportunities to star in commercials. But initially, the veteran presenter of Mabat News did not fancy himself as a presenter of commercial products.

Haim Yaniv 88 (photo credit: )
Haim Yaniv 88
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AT THE Netanya Academic College, whose chief benefactors are Yitzhak Tshuva, Nochi Dankner, and Gideon and Yair Hamburger, there's a certain brinkmanship over who gives more for what. But fellow business tycoon Benny Steinmetz and his wife, Anias, have come up with the best formula of all for giving scholarships: In recent days they donated 125 scholarships to students who help other students from low socioeconomic backgrounds learn subjects they are weak in. In the Steinmetz book, any student who helps another student get ahead deserves a scholarship. If the Steinmetz formula is widely adopted in the business world, it will be applied not only to NAC, but will spread to other colleges and universities all over the country. The incentive is worthwhile because there is enormous satisfaction in helping someone else acquire the knowledge and skills that will propel them forward; if there is a reward for this, so much the better. Of course, if it works on a grand scale, university students will no longer have to worry about paying tuition fees; the scholarship donors will take care of that. All it takes is to help someone who knows a little less and has to work a little harder to acquire the knowledge that he or she needs but does yet possess. IN THE course of visits to Kibbutz Sa'ad and Kibbutz Kfar Aza in the South, as well as industries within firing range of Kassam rockets, Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Eli Yishai noted the assistance given to the area by his ministry over the past two years and pledged to do his utmost to guarantee CANCELLATION OF the Galilee Law, which was enacted to help farmers near the northern border whose safety and security are constantly under threat, will have dire effects, Moshav Movement secretary-general Eitan Ben-David warned this past week. The consequences will be particularly devastating for poultry farmers, who will not be able to continue without government support, he said. Unemployment in the region is relatively high, so it will be difficult for those who are forced to abandon the breeding of poultry to find jobs. There will also be psychological damage, because people who until now were able to support themselves and their families, will now find themselves among the needy, which, beyond the financial difficulties, will be a terrible blow to their selfesteem. AFTER LEAVING the employ of Israel Television, that incentive payments forwarded by the government to these plants would not be eliminated from the 2009 budget. Yishai was accompanied on the tour by Kibbutz Industries Association director-general Amos Rabin and KIA Export Division head Amos Shalev. where he had been a dominant figure for decades, Haim Yavin was offered many opportunities to star in commercials. But initially, the veteran presenter of Mabat News did not fancy himself as a presenter of commercial products. But now he reportedly has finally yielded to pressure and agreed to be the presenter for the new smart-card system introduced by the Dan Bus Company. SHILAV GENERAL manager Anat Levin has announced the appointments of Nir Goddard as the company's vice president for trade and Oded Sommer as the company's vice president for retail outlets. Goddard, 38, GINDI HOLDINGS has appointed Nadav Tabul as its chief deputy director for engineering. Tabul will be responsible for overseeing the construction of 2,600 residential units that are being built in various parts of the country by Gindi Holdings. Including the prestigious G Tel Aviv project which the company says will be the most luxurious residential tower in Tel Aviv. Tabul, 35, served six in the IDF as an engineer and construction officer. He then spent seven years with Dania Cebus, for whom he managed several major projects for public buildings and infrastructure. headed Shilav retail outlets for the past two years. Prior to that, he managed the company's toy department. Sommer, 36, spent the past four years as general manager of the Pull and Bear chain.