Business Scene: life goes on beyond war

What's new in the business world.

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  • NOTWITHSTANDING THE unstable situation in Georgia, life goes on beyond war; organizations, institutions and businesses try to carry on as best they can. This explains why one of the largest agricultural processing and marketing companies in George has signed a cooperation agreement with Kibbutz Givat Brenner's Shelef agricultural laboratory. In the initial stage of implementation of the agreement, Kibbutz Brenner, which this year is celebrating its 90th anniversary, will send its representatives to Georgia as consultants on growing, testing and inspecting agricultural produce with special machinery it developed. In the second stage, it hopes to create a laboratory geared to agricultural experimentation. According to Oded Yaffe, general manager of the Shelef laboratory, there had been demand for advice on how to increase the volume of produce, due in part to the escalating prices of agricultural products and raw materials. The situation demands greater efficiency in production, he said. Before finalizing the agreement, Yaffe traveled to Georgia to see the situation with his own eyes. He came to the conclusion that there is enormous potential for improvement because the Georgian farmers have not yet caught up with modern technology and are still using traditional farming methods. The representatives of the Georgian company came to Israel on an inspection tour and, after looking at the methods of several farms, expressed admiration for Israel's progress, saying they wanted to reach the same level.
  • WOLFSON Medical Center in Holon has appointed Dr. Yael Haviv-Yedid to head its emergency-medicine unit. Haviv-Yedid is a specialist in internal medicine, with expertise in emergency treatment. She previously worked for five years at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. The emergency unit receives the most complex and varied cases, she said, and the emergency treatment that is administered is often a crucial factor in saving lives.
  • THE NEW head of the financial sector of One-1 is Amir Ramon, 31. He came to the company from Matrix, where he spent the past two-and-a-half years as sales manager of the banking division and finance, and manager of the technological and financial initiatives division. Prior to that, he was marketing and sales manager at Midlink.
  • YET ANOTHER honor has indirectly been accorded to the Technion in Haifa. Earlier this month it was announced that the Technion's Dr. Ron Y. Pinter is among 41 professors selected by Hewlett-Packard to receive its HP Labs Innovation Research Awards, which fund strategic joint-research projects between academic research institutions worldwide and HP Labs, the company's central research arm. As part of a newly announced open and competitive process that reviewed more than 450 proposals from 200 universities in 28 countries around the globe, HP selected 41 projects at 34 institutions. Awardees will work with HP Labs researchers on speculative and potentially game-changing research, the results of which are expected to generate the next set of technology breakthroughs in the areas of information explosion, dynamic cloud services, content transformation, intelligent infrastructure and sustainability. Pinter will receive the equivalent of NIS 350,000 per year for three years.
  • GINDI HOLDINGS has announced the appointment of accountant Assaf Amsalem, 34, as vice president for finances. A graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Amsalem was previously vice president for finances at the B. Yair Group, which, like Gindi, deals in large-scale, real-estate development and construction. B. Yair is building a new luxury neighborhood at the entrance to Jerusalem on the site that once housed the Foreign Affairs Ministry. While working for B. Yair, Amsalem was involved in three major capital-recruitment efforts that raised NIS 500 million, thereby enhancing B. Yair's listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
  • AFTER SEVERAL years in the public eye, Arye Zaif is currently winding up his term as general manager of Dubek. He is still playing his cards close to his chest, as far his next career move goes. But it's obvious that he is far from thinking of retirement, because he has just bought a new suit from Yossi Jenudi, who dresses some of the top celebrities and leading business people in Israel. Zaif previously served as president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, head of the Customs Administration and in other influential positions. He has known Jenudi for several years, having first met him when Zaif was chairman of the Israeli delegation that accompanied the national basketball team to England, where it played against the British national team. At that time, Jenudi made Zaif a suit befitting of the position that he held, and promised him that on a future occasion, he would also make him a tie embroidered with his initials AZ.
  • NORCATE CATERING, one of Israel's largest ready-to-eat food suppliers, provides 120,000 meals daily to workers throughout the country. It has appointed Ran Katzman as its vice president for marketing and sales. Katzman will also be responsible for business development and for persuading regular clients who might be tempted to go to rival companies to stay with Norcate. The appointment is a promotion for Katzman, who for the past four years has served as Norcate's marketing manager.