Conference Circuit

The Gordon Academic College for Education Haifa is hosting a conference on Carrot and Stick - Conservatism vs Liberalism in Treating Behavioral Problems.

Sunday, April 29 * THE UNIVERSITY of Haifa will host a two-day conference on the Six-Day War in which speakers will discuss the implications of the war on Israeli society, the international establishment and the Middle East. The conference will take place in the auditorium of the Hecht Museum on the University campus. * THE HERZL Day conference will be held at Beit Avi Chai, 44 King George Street, Jerusalem, 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. with the participation of academics, journalists and Zionist youth. The conference will explore various aspects of Herzl's life and personality, such as Herzl the philosopher, Herzl the leader and statesman and Herzl as he was perceived in the past and as he is perceived today. Pre-registration is required. Call (02) 560-5999. * THE GORDON Academic College for Education Haifa is hosting a conference on Carrot and Stick - Conservatism vs Liberalism in Treating Behavioral Problems. The conference begins at 3:30 p.m. at Gordon College, 73 Tchernikovsky Street, Haifa . For further details, call: (04) 859-0104. Sunday, April 29 * AN INTERNATIONAL four-day conference on Japan will take place at the Hebrew University's Maiersdorf Faculty Club on the Mount Scopus campus to honor Israel's leading Japan expert Prof. Ben-Ami Shillony on his recent retirement. The conference, which is being held under the auspices of the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace and the Louis Frieberg Center for East Asian Studies, will be opened by Japanese Ambassador Yoshinori Katori and will feature speakers from Israel, Japan, the US, Great Britain, Germany and India. Subjects to be discussed include: Wars and the military in 20th century Japan; The memory of WWII and the adoption of democracy in Japan; Post-war Japan's defense policy; The Emperor and leadership in post-war Japan; Comparisons between Jewish and Japanese theater; Japan in the early Hebrew press in Palestine at the turn of the 20th century; WWII in Japanese and Israeli memory; The Sugihara visas; Japan's Jewish policy in the late 1930s; Jewish scientists, Jewish ethics and the decision to drop the atomic bomb; and Japan's Middle East foreign policy. Polish-born Prof. Shillony taught Japanese history and culture at the Hebrew University for 35 years after receiving his Ph.D. in 1971, and was a research fellow at the universities of Tokyo, Berkeley, Oxford and Cambridge. He served as chair of the Hebrew University's Department of East Asian Studies and of the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace. In 2000, he was appointed the Louis Frieberg Professor of East Asian Studies. In November 2000, the Emperor of Japan bestowed on him the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Star (Kun-nito- Zuiho-sho-). Monday, April 30 * AN ISRAEL-France business cooperation conference will open at the Eretz Israel Museum, 2 Haim Levanon Street at 8:30 a.m. More than 30 speakers from France and Israel will share their experiences of business partnerships, technology transfer and related legal frameworks between the two countries. Speakers include French ambassador Jean-Michel Casa, President of the Israel-France Chamber of Commerce and deputy chairman IDB Board Isaac Manor, director foreign trade and international relations at the Manufacturers Association of Israel Dan Catarivas, scientific adviser French Embassy Philippe Carlevan, Commercial Attache French Embassy Dominique Klein and Professor at the Technion's European School of Management Daniel Rouach. The conference opens at 8:45 a.m. * GENOCIDE IN Darfur will be discussed by Prof. Yehuda Bauer of the Hebrew University and Yad Vashem, Dr. Irit beck of Tel Aviv University and the Open University and Amnon Vidan, executive director of Amnesty Israel at the Van Lee Institute, 43 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem, at 5 p.m. Speakers will address issues such as the failure of the international community to protect the people of Darfur, and how this negligence led to yet another genocide which went from the extreme of being ignored to becoming a focal point in the stream of public consciousness. * SPIRITUALITY AND Health is the subject of a two-day conference to be held at the Maaleh Hahamisha Hotel. The conference will explore the use of spirituality in providing a better quality of life for clients in hospitals, long-term care facilities and other health and welfare settings. Conducted under the title "And You Will Choose Life" the conference is sponsored by UJA-Federation of New York, Eshel, the US National Association of Jewish Chaplains (NAJC) and Tishkofet. The conference will include presentations by leading spiritual care professionals from Israel and the US. It is designed for professionals including doctors, social workers, nurses, psychologists, rabbis, chaplains and others who work in health care and community settings, such as hospitals, hospices and geriatric facilities. Spiritual care is a developing field around the world and is attracting growing interest in Israel. Organizations throughout the country have begun to offer spiritual care as part of their support services. Last year UJA-Federation of New York launched a spiritual care initiative to fund programs that provide spiritual resources to support the aged, the seriously and terminally ill, and those suffering from loss due to trauma and terror. The initiative, which encompasses programs by non-profit organizations in Israel, entails an investment of more than $1 million over three years. For further information and registration, contact: Dvora Corn (02) 631-0803 or (052) 529-1333 or * COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER Ariel Attias will be the guest of honor at the Israel Management Center's annual Communications Conference taking place at the Sheraton City Tower Hotel in Ramat Gan. The main theme of the conference is: "The new rules of the game in the world of communications and what can be anticipated next." For details and registration, call: (03) 671-1902 or (03) 671-1931. * DELOITTE BRIGHTMAN Almagor, Audit, Tax, Consulting and Financial Advisory together with Shiboleth Advocates and Notaries will host a conference on "China - Investment Opportunities and Challenges - Risks and Rewards." Speakers from China will include Chris Lu, Regional Managing Partner Eastern China, Deloitte; Zhou Yun, Zhong Lun Law Firm, China; James Z. Li Chairman and Managing Director E.J. McKay. Also coming in from abroad is Lawrance Chia, Partner Corporate Finance Service - National Management, Deloitte. The all-day conference will be held from 8:30 a.m. at Purple Prime, in the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds. On Tuesday and Wednesday following the conference, Israelis interested in doing business with and in China in the fields of real estate, hi-tech and financing will be able to meet on a personal basis with Chinese experts. Appointments must be arranged in advance as must pre-conference registration. To do so, call: (03) 608-5232 or (03) 608-5392. * THE ETHICS of Caring for the Aged is the subject of a symposium to be held at the Jerusalem Center for Ethics, Mishkenot Shaananim in conjunction with the Shaarei Zedek Institute for Geriatrics. The symposium begins at 9 a.m. Participation is free of charge but participants must register in advance by calling (02) 629-2206. Wednesday, May 2 * SO, WHO'S to blame? Several speakers will attempt to answer this question at DIMEDIA Convention in Dimona. The question pertains to other questions such as: Have the watchdogs of democracy turned into wolves: Who has greater credibility in the eyes of the public - the elected officials or the media? Where does one draw the line between the public's right to know, national responsibility and the right to privacy? Aside from attempting to answer these questions conference participants will discuss the extent to which publicity can damage a person's reputation, the public's negative attitude towards media coverage of the Second Lebanon War, the manner in which different sports are covered by the media; the addiction of Israeli youth to television; the attitude of national media outlets to peripheral communities. Participants do not need to drive to Dimona. A media carriage reserved in a train traveling from Tel Aviv to Dimona and back will be at their disposal. Among the speakers will be Communications Minister Ariel Attias, Uri Orbach of Reshet, journalist Daniel Ben Simon of Haaretz, Naftali Ben Simon reporter and editor Channel One, Channel Two southern districts reporter Sagi Bashan, Channel Two military reporter Roni Daniel, Channel One news director Nitzan Chen, Reshet CEO Yochanan Tsangen, Reshet Bet managing editor Arieh Shaked, and many other well known personalities. Further details can be gleaned from the Web. For additional information and registration, or telephone: (03) 644-0271. * TEL AVIV University together with the Israel-Poland Friendship Association and Beth Hatefutsoth will conduct a symposium on Israeli Youth Traveling to Poland in the 21st Century. Topics to be discussed include the impact of the visit on the forging of the new Israeli character; memorializing the Holocaust through pilgrimage to Poland; The March of the Living; the psychological effect on youth groups visiting Poland; confronting a world that is no more; the educational value of a visit to Poland and other related subjects. The symposium begins at 3:30 p.m. in the Bnei Zion Auditorium of Beth Hatefutsoth on the TAU campus. Monday, May 7 * ENVIRONMENT 2020 - Challenges, innovation and regional co-operation is the subject of an in-depth conference to be held in the Prime Conference Hall at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds. Topics to be discussed include corporate socio-environmental responsibility of the business sector; environmental R&D in Israel; Business initiatives for the rehabilitation of polluted areas; challenges of environmental development as a springboard for regional cooperation. Participation fee is NIS 250. For further details call (03) 696-4453. Tuesday, May 8 * Irish Ambassador Michael Forbes will participate in the inauguration of the Annual Samuel Beckett Lectures Series at Tel Aviv University. The event will be held at 6 p.m. in Auditorium 001 in the Kikuyan building on the TAU campus. The first lecture in the series will be delivered by Jackie Blackman of Trinity College, Dublin who will speak on "Samuel Beckett and the Holocaust" based on her dissertation "Postwar Beckett and the Traces of the Jewish Other," which focuses on Beckett's close contacts with Jewish people in Ireland, Germany and France before and after World War Two, and the impact of these experiences on his postwar writings. Wednesday, May 9 * THE 35TH annual meeting of the Israel Anthropological Society will take place at Achva Academic College under the supervision of Ben-Gurion University. Participants in the two-day event will examine myths and legends that have sprung up in relation to anthropology, the ethics of anthropology, different aspects of ethnography, interpretations of engraved texts, bureaucracy in the path of anthropology and a host of other related topics. At least one session will be held in English when Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney of the University of Wisconsin discusses the Historicization of Anthropology. For further details and registration, call Noa (08) 647-2076 or (054) 750-5323. * THE FIFTH annual meeting of the World Diamond Council (WDC) will be hosted by the Israel Diamond Industry and will be held at the David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem, over a two-day period. The meeting will focus on how the industry, governments and civil society groups can and need to work together to focus the success of the Kimberley Process to affect real change for all members of the diamond industry, specifically within the alluvial sector, which is the most susceptible to conflict. In addition, the meeting will review the past success of the education campaign of '06, in the hopes that together, all interested parties can work to refine the core message for 2007. Speakers will include Gareth Penny, Managing Director, De Beers; Sergey Vibornov, President, Alrosa; Lev Leviev, Chairman, Leviev Group of Companies, Ernie Blom, President, World Federation of Diamond Bourses; Jeff Fischer, President, International Diamond Manufacturers Association; and Gaetano Cavalieri, President, World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO) Thursday, May 10 * SEEDS OF Peace is hosting a discussion between authors, academics and political activists Sari Nusseibah and Amos Oz on the occasion of the publication of Nusseibah's book Once Upon a Country: A Palestinian Life. The event will be held at 6 p.m. at the Jerusalem International YMCA, 26 King David Street. Saturday, May 12 * INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED writer and researcher, Dr. Ada Aharoni, who is considered to be an expert on the writings and history of Nobel Prize literature laureate Saul Bellow, will present her new book on Bellow, The Inner Voice in the Novels of Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow (Pardess Publications, Haifa), at the Naamat building, 67 Sderot Moriah at 11 a.m. The event will be moderated by writer and artist Mania Herman who will interview Aharoni on her research and the contents of the book. Admission is free of charge. Thursday, May 17 A FULL-day seminar on Dreams will be hosted by the Jerusalem Friends of the Hebrew University at the Inbal Hotel. Speakers will discuss what our dreams actually represent, whether our dreams speak falsely or whether they are a reflection of the soul. The evolution of the interpretation of dreams from the Bible to Freudian theory and beyond; sexual dreams; dreams fulfilled and dreams shattered; the dream in art and cinema; dreamers and oracles; nightmares and daydreams; political dreams - The State of Israel: dream and reality… are but a few of the topics to be explored. Among the speakers will be Israel Prize laureate Prof. Alice Shalvi and presidential candidate Reuven Rivlin. Entry fee is NIS 280 per person including lunch. Proceeds are designated for student scholarships at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For further details contact the Jerusalem Friends of the Hebrew University: Tel: (02) 563-2387, (02) 563-8227 or e-mail: Sunday, May 20 * ADL NATIONAL Director Abe Fox will be the keynote speaker at a two-day international conference on US-Israel Relations in a New Era. The conference is co-sponsored by BESA and the ADL. And will be held in the Feldman Conference Center at Bar Ilan University . Wednesday, May 30 * THE ANNUAL Carlson Wagonlit Travel Conference will take place at the Daniel Hotel, Herzliya from 8 a.m. and will focus on business travel in an era of globalization, requiring suppliers to give better and faster service through the use of advanced technology. Participation fee is NIS 188. Registration is only via the Web site