Conference Circuit

Education Minister Yuli Tamir and Minister for the Environment Gideon Ezra will participate in a conference on the climatic crisis and the vital challenges now confronting humanity.

Sunday, July 15 ONE OF the mightiest blessings ever on the House of Israel will be recited by hundreds of priests (Cohanim) in the course of an international conference of Cohens and Levis that will take place over a four-day period in Jerusalem. In addition to hearing lectures on the duties and obligations of Cohens and Levis, participants will engage in Temple-oriented field seminars and hear lectures on genealogy and genetics related to the status of the Cohen and proof that he really is one. For further information, call: (02) 626-0632. Tuesday, July 17 EDUCATION MINISTER Yuli Tamir and Minister for the Environment Gideon Ezra will participate in a conference on the climatic crisis and the vital challenges now confronting humanity. The conference will be held at the Knesset Auditorium at 1:30 p.m. Entrance is by invitation only. The conference has been organized by the Knesset Societal and Environmental lobby in conjunction with the Council for a beautiful Israel. Wednesday, July 18 WHO WILL pay the cost of reforms in the electricity market? Will the reforms be effective? What is the experience of other countries? Will privatization at any price achieve the desired goals? What was the decision-making process that led to the resolution for reform? These and similar questions will be posed and hopefully answered at a conference beginning at 9 a.m. at Kfar Maccabiah with the participation of National Infrastructure Minister Binyamin-Ben Eliezer, Minister for the Environment Gideon Ezra, former president of Ben-Gurion University, MK Avishay Braverman, Histadrut Chairman Ofer Eini, Manufacturers Association President Shraga Brosh, Israel Electric Corporation representatives and other experts and people directly connected with the outcome of the reforms. The event is under the auspices of the Israel Management Center. Participation is free of charge, but pre-registration in required. Call 1-700-700-246. SOCIAL AFFAIRS Minister Isaac Herzog, whose responsibilities also include the Israel Broadcasting Authority and Diaspora Affairs including the Fight Against Anti-Semitism, is scheduled to be among the speakers at an event marking the publication of the revised edition of Nahum Sokolov's book World Hatred for the Eternal People. The original version was published 125 years ago by Goldman Press in Warsaw. A rare copy of the 1882 edition belongs to Coca Cola (Israel) chairman Muzi Wertheim who approached the Jabotinsky Institute with the request that it be revised and re-edited into contemporary Hebrew. The Jabotinsky Institute took up the challenge and commissioned noted journalist and editor Moshe Schnitzer to update the Hebrew. The first edition of the revised book, which is less relevant today than when Sokolov a prominent Zionist leader and journalist wrote it, was presented to Likud leader and former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Among the other speakers at the event will be retired judge Hadassa Ben-Ito who is in the forefront of efforts to expose anti-Semitism where it exists and to fight it with all the democratic means at her disposal. Unlike most events organized by the Jabotinsky Institute, this one will NOT be held at its premises, but more fittingly at Beit Soklov, the headquarters of the Federation of Israel Journalists, 4 Kaplan Street, Tel Aviv at 6 p.m. For further details call, Jabotinsky Institute director-general Yossi Ahimeir (03) 621-0420 or (054) 661-1882. THE PROSPECTS of reviving the Palestinian Economy will be discussed by Samir Houlaila of Portland Trust and Prof. Ezra Sadan of Sadan-Lowental Ltd. at the Ambassador Hotel, east Jerusalem, at 3 p.m. Pre-registration is required by 10 a.m. on July 15. Send details to:; fax: (02) 676-8011; tel: (02)-676-9460.