Finding a special recipe book

If you want to write down the recipes for your favorite dishes, you can find a special recipe book at the Maly's cook stores.

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If you want to write down the recipes for your favorite dishes, or have your mother, grandmother, or a friend write them down for you, you can find a special recipe book at the Maly's cook stores. The book is divided into different sections, such as soups, first courses, pies, cakes, etc. Titled (in Hebrew) The Book of Recipes Handed Down from Generation to Generation, it is on sale for NIS 109. Those who suffer from arthritis or other pains in the joints can try a natural food supplement by SupHerb, called Free Motion. The supplement, containing glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, promises to help ease the pain, diminish the infection and improve movement of the joints. A package containing 180 tablets is NIS 195. Another product contains the same ingredients as well as arnica and mint oil, but in the form of a cream, and is called Extra Formula. The ingredients are said to slow down osteo-arthritis and ease pain; you will have to apply the cream to the affected areas three times a day. You can get the Extra Formula cream (over the counter) at pharmacies for NIS 79 per 100 ml. tube. Ariel Platinum has a new washing detergent that, of course, promises you an even cleaner laundry, even at low temperatures. Washing in cold water will protect your clothes; Ariel claims to have improved its detergent by adding enzymes and other ingredients. A 1.25 kg package is NIS 20, 2.5 kg is NIS 30, and an economy-size 6 kg package is NIS 60. If you want to put a hot pot on your dining table but don't have your hands free to put down a table mat first, the Magnifik, sold at Ikea, comes in handy. The Magnifik is a magnetic table mat that attaches itself to stainless steel pot bottoms, so you can bring the pot and mat to the table at the same time. The price is NIS 39. At the occasion of International Osteoporosis Day, October 20, the Mor Institute is offering a special gift for women who come to do a bone-density test. Every woman who comes in for a test will receive a rubber exercise ball; this deal is valid from October 20 to November 20. The price for a bone-density test is NIS 163; members of the Klalit Health Fund pay only NIS 57. Aqua Tal has come up with a water-filtering system that sits on top of the counter, provides hot and cold water, and has a side compartment that serves as a soda-maker. This Multi-Soda machine purifies the water, and comes with a gas refill and special bottles for the soda. The price for this machine, white or silver-colored, is NIS 2,400 plus another NIS 290 for installation; you can get it in the Home Center stores, or by calling 1-800-370-900. If you have a plant that you keep forgetting to water, you can get a device you stick into the earth inside the pot and it will warn you when the earth is too dry. This water-measurer will emit a beeping sound when your plant is thirsty. You can get this invention through the Web site of the Israel Center for Inventions,, or at selected nurseries or the Flowers for Me stores for NIS 30. New at the SuperPharm chain are the Life aromatic bath and shower soaps, carrying poetic names such as Green Fields, containing soy and rice protein, Cherry Blossom, containing Echinacea extract, and Spring Water, containing ylang ylang extract. The Green Fields soap is refreshing, the Cherry Blossom stimulating, and the Spring Water soap is supposed to have a calming effect; a 750 ml. bottle is NIS 17.90. Best is now selling unscented baby wipes that are Vitamin E and Aloe Vera enriched to protect baby's skin. The fact that the wipes are unscented makes them suitable to clean baby's face as well. The Best wipes come in a package of 80 with a re-sealable opening, and the best part is that they're cheap - a package is NIS 6. Your computer keyboard can get very dirty and dusty, but it's not easy to clean, since water is not an option. Sha'avrav makes a set of mini-attachments that can be used with any kind of vacuum cleaner. The attachments and mini brushes clean keyboards, stereo and video equipment, and other hard-to-reach items. You can order the mini-attachments by calling (09) 746-4333; the price is NIS 115. Aviv, more known for its matzos, now sells quality cookies in a tin decorated with work by artist Nahum Guttman. The two different tins are decorated with a drawing of Tel Aviv in the 1950s, and a painting of ships in the harbor from the Sixties. The tins contain halva cream filled cookies and chocolate chip cookies. After you finish the cookies, you can leave the tin out and re-use it; the price is NIS 18 for a tin containing 300 gr. of cookies. Adventurous kids will enjoy the Spy Gear micro spy kit, containing four devices they can use to spy on others (including their parents, so beware!). The kit includes a night-scope that enables you to see in the dark, a scrambler that can change your voice, a micro-listener to hear distant sounds, and a motion alarm, which will emit a sound when someone breaks the light rays it emits. You can get the Spy Gear at toy stores for NIS 169.90. Bfree, the company that makes baby bottles, now also sells drinking cups for babies and toddlers. The Bfree Easy Drink cups come with handles that you can remove when no longer needed, and a rubber spout that sits off-center, making it easier for babies to drink. The spout has a mechanism that prevents the creation of a vacuum; Easy Drink cups are available in different colors for NIS 35. Looka makes a funny case to store your sunglasses, make-up, keys or other items. The case has the shape of a carambola fruit, and comes in color combinations such as orange-red, brown-mustard green, Bordeaux-yellow, or purple-yellow. The case is a little bulky, and thus only suitable for bigger pocketbooks. The Looka case can be purchased at the Loop chain, at Tik Hatikim, Top Tik, Bagindra, and other selected bag stores for NIS 160.