How to become a website builder in a flash

With Media SiteBuilder anyone can create a website within minutes.

Most business owners know just how important it is to have a presence on the Internet; they also know just how expensive it can be to create it. With many DIY website builders popping up throughout the virtual world, it has become much easier and cheaper to create websites. Israeli company TrafficMedia, which was recently named one of Yahoo’s top 50 advertising partners, boasts the most-used website designing system in the country and is growing rapidly throughout the rest of the world for designers and beginners.
The Tel Aviv-based startup has created a new tool for website building systems: the Website Designing Wizard. Most website designing systems are based on premade templates that only allow for limited options. But TrafficMedia’s Media SiteBuilder ( takes you step-bystep through a simple design process that allows creative freedom to build unique and personalized websites. Media SiteBuilder does most of the work for you with a built-in SEO system that gets your website noticed by search engines such as Google and Bing and allows you to add automated content.

“Creating a web presence has been split into two ways: hiring expensive web developers, SEO managers, etc., which takes time and money, or using a design wizard, which is easy, quick and very inexpensive,” says Eran Shatzman, chief of marketing, “It’s a great way for small-business owners to put themselves online, and also a great way for people to generate income from home by creating websites for local businesses.”
Media SiteBuilder is widely used by web developers who create smaller-scale websites. But many of its users are selfstarters who work from home on websites for local businesses.
Since Media SiteBuilder does not require any knowledge of web design, anyone can create a website within minutes.
Along with the easy-to-use system, TrafficMedia offers a three-day course on Media SiteBuilder (, designed to teach users how to gain customers, market their services and generate the most income.