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THE SECOND Channel Council on Thursday summoned the CEOs of the franchisees that have broadcasting rights on Channels 2 and 10 to a meeting, aimed at torpedoing the proposed reforms which would permit commercials on cable and satellite television. According to Nurit Dabush who chairs the Second Channel Council, the introduction of commercials to cable and satellite packages would be culturally destructive to content obligations. Something of a similar nature is contained within the Israel Broadcasting Authority Law. However, some quarter of a century ago, in the days when Micha Yinon, head of the Cultural Directorate in the Ministry for Science, Culture and Sport was chairman of the IBA, it was realized that by excluding commercial content it was depriving the IBA of an income resource. The way around that was to have sponsorships for special broadcasts such as the Olympic Games. Such sponsorships are only textual and do not contain visuals other than the logo of the sponsoring company. The message is short and sweet, merely listing the company's name and what it does. The text is featured on screen and read by an announcer. But even that brings quite a lot of revenue to the IBA. Other than the visuals, the difference between sponsorships and commercials shown on commercial television is that sponsorships are usually relayed en bloc, with minimal interference to the programs being broadcast, whereas commercials disrupt broadcasts with far greater frequency and their income value tends to supersede service considerations to viewers. UP UNTIL two weeks ago, it looked as if Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai would have absolutely no competition in his quest for another term of office in the upcoming municipal elections in November. But then businessman Yair Tsabari who founded the Bird Park in Hayarkon Park that he was running as the head of a new party Anshei Ha'Ir - people of the city - which includes people who represent the city's overall demographic mosaic. If the party wins, or even it merely scores high votes there will be an increase in the different sectors represented at City Hall. The list includes popular singer Moshe Sinai, attorney Naftali Gur Arie, former municipal veterinarian Dr. Benjamin Roisman and others. One of the ways in which Tsabari is marketing himself is on the sensitive issue of rebuilding the Usishkin Stadium which since 1953 had been the home of the Hapoel Tel Aviv Basketball Club. Last year the stadium was demolished by Huldai amid numerous protests. Together with Sinai, former Hapoel Tel Aviv hoopster Yossi Zana and others, Tsabari arrived at the site this week to lay the foundations for a new, prestigious Ussishkin stadium, which he promised, would be completed within five years if he wins the elections. The area was decorated with banners reading 'Huldai destroys Anshei Ha'Ir will build.' AS ALWAYS, the heat of the Israeli summer which continues well into fall, does not in any way deter fashion companies and designers from showing off their new fall/ winter collections, and with them a slew of announcements about which model, entertainment personality, or sports star has been selected as the presenter. As has been mentioned previously in this column, there is no fixed rate for being a presenter and the sums paid out vary not just by a few hundred shekels but by thousands and even tens of thousands of shekels. Some of the new season's presenters include: International fashion model Liel Danir for Chic which supplies 300 boutiques in Israel and has ten stores of its own; Adi Neuman who has appeared in some of the world's leading fashion publications has been commissioned by Signal which has ten branches in Israel and supplies some 100 boutiques; reality show survivor Lia Gal for Discreet which creates fashionable clothing at budget prices, supplies department stores and boutiques and has 15 branches of its own; model Eva Don for Yanush Jewelry; super model and international celebrity Bar Rafaeli for Hurley International; model Sheli Gafni for Madona Milano; international television personality and model Moran Attias for Gali; actress and model Sandy Bar for Hamashbir; Alice Dellal is the new face presenting Mango's MNG Jeans; model Liraz Dror is doing another season for Twenty Four Seven; and Esti Ginzberg has been snapped up by Tagwoman. Comme il Faut, as always, has diverted from mainstream practice, and although it is has selected a famous personality to present its fall/winter collection for 2008/2009, it didn't go for some sweet young thing, but opted instead for dancer, choreographer and dance theater director Rina Sheinfeld, who at 70 remains a living example of grace and motion. This is not the first time that Rina Sheinfeld has excited the imagination of a fashion designer. Kedem Sasson has also been inspired by her and his ever dramatic designs became even more so. The romantic frills, flounces, jabots, embroideries and lace and ribbon trims which characterized spring/summer fashions will continue into fall/winter with soft feminine blouses and dresses; enhanced by snug vests and wide belts with fancy buckles. Ethnically, the tone will be set by Scotland and Ireland with a wide range of plaids in every category of apparel. Cardigans are big news in both superfine and chunky knits ranging in length from boleros to mid calf. Lurex is making a big comeback, mostly in shades of gold. Skirts continue to be eclectic running the gamut from micro mini to ankle grazing. TELEVISION STAR Tzvika Hadar opted for Segal in Tel Aviv when he went to buy a suit to wear for the finals of the sixth season of Kochav Nolad - A Star is Born - the Israeli version of American Idol. In recent months, Hadar has shed several kilograms and is now so trim that he could well be a model - something that has not escaped the attention of the proprietors of Segal. Trying on suits at the same time as Hadar was a prospective bridegroom who sought his advice on what to choose - which gave the proprietors yet another reason to use Hadar as their mascot. HUGGIES HAPPY Park touted by Hogla Kimberley to be is the first Luna Park for toddlers will be launched for a two-day period on September 4 on the site of the Tel Aviv Luna Park, and will be geared to infants aged three years and under. The various games available to them can be played with the help of their parents for whom this will also be a magical experience, according to Hogla Kimberley. Irit Gilan who heads Hogla Kimberley's business division for junior consumers, says that the company places importance on personal contact with its customers - even if it's the parents that pay for the product. The mini Luna Park provides an opportunity for such meetings, and the experience both as far as the youngsters and their parents are concerned, helps to promote the company's brands. ROSH HASHANA is just over a month away and the advertising and marketing campaigns to persuade people to part with their money in time for the holidays have just begun. ID Design, the large international enterprise for furniture and furnishings, is investing NIS 2 million in an advertising campaign that will be directed by LoGic Advertising. The campaign will include a 50-page catalogue that will be distributed to 100,000 households and two different television commercials.