Market Wise

After several months of intensive endeavor, and an investment of NIS 8 million, Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot has launched its new Internet site.

THERE WAS a time when banks were hesitant about offering consulting services for fear they might be accused of conflict of interests or of steering their clients in the wrong direction. However, it appears with Bank Leumi's new $2.5 million marketing campaign that the banks, and Leumi in particular, are undergoing some form of revolution that will give them a far greater say in the financial futures of everyone who has an account with them. Leumi's new slogan is "Wherever you want to go, Leumi is with you…" According to Gideon Shor, the head of the bank's external relations division, research has shown that bank customers want to receive advice in general and on financial matters in particular - especially those people in the 35-50 age group who are already contemplating the source of their finances when they retire. Leumi hopes to make an impact with the message that one sound piece of advice can take you wherever you want to go. Aside from the actual marketing campaign, which will be featured in both the electronic and print media, Leumi has invested NIS 110 million in a massive reorganization to prepare existing staff for their extended roles and to bring new consultants on board, as well as for training to give sound, objective advice. AFTER SEVERAL months of intensive endeavor, and an investment of NIS 8 million, Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot has launched its new Internet site, which will give customers and other interested parties access to almost everything they ever wanted to know about the bank. The new site incorporates state-of-the-art technology and provides rapid response to customers seeking information about their current and savings accounts, mortgage payments, investments, credit cards, along with information about capital markets and other data from the world of finance. The new site also enables customers to carry out on-line transactions speedily and efficiently. CRAZY LINE, the chain of women's fashion stores, is opening five new branches by the end of the month and is renovating 10 of its existing stores at a total investment of NIS 9 million. Crazy Line currently has 54 branches across the country. One of the five new stores is located in Jerusalem's new Mamilla Mall, which officially opens June 1. FASHION DESIGNER Dorit Sadeh has chosen actress and TV hostess Galit Giat to head the campaign for her new summer collection. Sadeh designs smart, comfortable clothes for women in the over 30 age group who want to look fashionable but just a little different. Sadeh, who is the wife of opera singer Gabi Sadeh and the aunt of opera singer Alma Moshonov (who is the daughter of actors Sandra Sadeh and Moni Moshonov and the sister of actor Michael Moshonov), doesn't limit herself to street wear and evening wear - she also designed the clothes that Alma Moshonov and eight female cellists are wearing for the Felicja Blumental International Music Festival this week at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. AN IMPRESSIVE CV does not necessarily mean the person concerned can instantly integrate into a new work place. Some companies have specific standards and their own way of doing things and they insist that everyone on their payroll do it their way or not at all. Teva is currently in the process of training employees who will be absorbed in its new production plant in Jerusalem's Har Hotzvim technological park. The courses are conducted free of charge at the ORT colleges in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and are financed by the human resources training and development division of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. The second such course is currently in progress. Graduates of the course will enable Teva to maintain both its standards and its status. AIG ISRAEL and Leumi Card have signed an agreement whereby holders of international, gold, business gold and platinum Leumi Cards will receive improved conditions and services with regard to insurance for travel abroad. The agreement becomes effective in June. Holders of gold business and platinum Leumi Cards who frequently travel abroad on business will be asked to make a single phone call to renew their travel insurance policies, after which they will not have to worry about travel insurance again, unless they cease their relationship with Leumi Card. PRIGAT HAS launched a NIS 7 million marketing and production campaign to make the Israeli public aware of the centrality of fruit in a healthy diet. Prigat is adding to its range of fruit-based products and is going all out with a Hebrew slogan that the best thing is fruit - Prigat. It works much better in Hebrew than in English because the Hebrew word for fruit is "pri." EUROCOM DIGITAL is investing $750,000 to market the Panasonic 103-inch plasma television screen, which is believed to be the largest television screen in the world. YAFORA, ONE of Israel's leading distributors and producers of soft drinks, and the holder of the Israel franchise for Schweppes, is investing NIS 11 million in marketing Schweppes new range of carbonated, natural fruit flavored drinks such as berries, apple-lime and peach. The new series is said to have half as many calories as regular carbonated liquid refreshments. UNILEVER ISRAEL has ear-marked NIS 2 million for its renewed marketing campaign for Dove moisturizing cream soap bars under the slogan "Don't forget your daily moisturizer." There are four bars in the series.