Summer solutions for all problems, dry or sticky

Labello is known for its sticks that treat dry and cracked lips, but now they also have a series of lip glosses that care for skin and give your lips a shine at the same time.

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WITH SUMMER comes the time for picnics and hikes and, unfortunately also for mosquitoes and other bugs to spoil the fun. Sano has a new mosquito repellent with aloe vera, which known to have a soothing effect on the skin. A roll-on stick of this Sano Dy (Hebrew for "enough!") with aloe vera is NIS 21 while a roll-on stick of this product for those with sensitive skin is NIS 22. Also handy are wet wipes of Sano Dy, enough for a few hours of protection against the buzzing creatures; a package containing 20 wipes is NIS 20. WE LIVE in a dusty country, especially the desert areas, and now that windows are open more frequently you're probably noticing even more dust in your home. Scotch Brite has a new dusting cloth, made out of micro-fiber that removes dust easily without the use of sprays. You can use the cloth to clean glass surfaces, as well, and it can be washed about 100 times. The Scotch Brite dusting cloth is available in the Hatsi Hinam, Cosmos and Rami Levi stores for NIS 16.50-19, depending on the store. TO GET ready for bikini or bathing suit, you could try the Green & Blue massage soaps that are said to be good to use in the fight against cellulite. The soaps have little bumps on one side that help massage your skin; of course, these disappear as the soap gets smaller. The massage soaps contain coconut oil, minerals from the Dead Sea, and red sea algae. The price for a bar of Green & Blue massage soap is NIS 20. IF YOU have a glass shower door, you know the problem of stains caused by water and soap that are hard to remove. Invisible Shield is a material that prevents the build-up of lime scale and dirt, and keeps your glass looking shiny and clean for months. At NIS 500(!), a bottle of Invisible Shield invisible surface protectant is certainly not cheap, but it supposedly will last for years, since your shower doors only need to be treated once every few months. To order, call the company, Dr. Zhuhit, at (03) 558-4422. A USEFUL and very stylish gift for a newborn baby is a "baby cake," a gift made to look like a layered cake, consisting of layers of diapers with other goodies stuffed in the middle. One place where you can find these "cakes" is on the Internet, at; They are made by Lihi Salman, a new immigrant from Canada. The smallest "cake" costs NIS 79 and consists of 10 diapers, an undershirt, and six pairs of socks. The largest "cake," with three layers and costing NIS 269, consists of 40 diapers, a hooded towel, a shirt, pants, an undershirt, a pacifier, an Avent bottle, a bottle brush and a cute little bear. These original gifts also can be found at La Petite Provence in Moshav Bet Yitshak. There, prices start at NIS 99, and go up with the number of layers in the "cake." Orders can be placed in advance, in the desired color scheme. THE SUCCESS of the Pensioners Party in winning an unexpected six seats in the last elections has brought with it a new fashion trend - party leader Rafi Eitan's old-fashioned black horn-rimmed glasses have apparently become a fashionable item among youngsters in Tel Aviv., The City Optic store in Ramat Gan now sells these retro-frames for NIS 300. LABELLO IS known for its sticks that treat dry and cracked lips, but now they also have a series of lip glosses that care for skin and give your lips a shine at the same time. Labello Lipcare CareGloss & Shine comes in a natural version and in a tinted version. A 10 ml. tube costs NIS 25. For very dry and cracked lips there is the Labello SOS Lip Balm, sold at NIS 20. IF YOU buy a Procter & Gamble product, such as Pantene, Head and Shoulders, Pampers, Ariel, Tide, Tip, Fairy, Allways, Alldays, Crest or Pringles, in the SuperPharm, Supersol Big, Mega or NewPharm stores this month, you will help a good cause, as well. Proctor & Gamble will donate money to build another "enrichment center" run by the Tzeva Foundation (where the Hebrew word Tzeva, color, is an acronym for "young people build the future"). These centers are run by volunteers who help students from third to sixth grade improve their academic performance. For a list of the Tzeva centers, you can go to . IF YOU want to beat the crowds and redesign your kid's room before the start of the new school year, or before August, which is the busiest time of the year for this, you can take advantage of a deal offered by the furniture store 5 Negarim. This store, with outlets in Rishon Le Zion, Netanya, Ramat Gan and Haifa, now offers a 25% reduction on part of the office furniture collection. For example, a set consisting of a desk, a separate unit with drawers, another unit with drawers and a place to sit plus a unit with shelves and storage room is now NIS 3,000 instead of NIS 4,000. the deal is valid until the end of June. CHILDREN WILL have fun assembling a light in the shape of a peacock, a lion, or a vase with flowers using a base unit, play dough and optic fibers that change colors when you turn on the light. The lamps work on batteries (not included) and there are easy-to-follow instructions in the box about how to assemble them. The Zaharonim can then serve as another arts-and-crafts decoration in the children's room, or can even be used as a night light. The price for the Zaharonim, available in Toys 'R' Us, is NIS 69.90. DOVE HAS a new series of shampoos and conditioners for different hair types, containing 25% moisturizers. New are the anti-dandruff shampoo, the shampoo for colored hair, a regenerating shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged hair, a revitalizing shampoo and conditioner for normal hair, and a volumizing shampoo and conditioner for fine hair. The Dove products leave your hair feeling soft, and smell very nice too. A 400 ml. bottle is NIS 17-19, and a 750 ml. bottle is NIS 26-29. TRAVELING ON the plane with your cat or dog isn't an easy assignment, but El Al and the pet food company Eukanuba provide you with the equipment you need to transport your pet, provided he or she is small enough. If you buy a ticket for your animal on an El Al flight, you will get a travel bag containing dog or cat food, a bowl and a little toy. Your cat or dog will have to stay inside the bag during the flight and the bag is suitable for dogs and cats weighing up to eight kilos. KIWI FRESH Force is a spray that will make sure your shoes will keep smelling fresh and clean, especially now that your feet may sweat more during the hot summer weather. The spray is easy to use: You put the bottle head inside the shoe, press down for a second, and the spray comes out on two sides of the head, towards the toes and towards the heel. A 100 ml. Fresh Force spray bottle is NIS 26. IF YOU suffer from skin problems, Ozone Care cream, containing ozonized olive oil, can help heal skin. Ozone is a disinfectant material that turns into oxygen when applied to the skin, speeding up the healing process. The cream can be used after plastic surgery, but also on mosquito bites or blisters. A 60 ml. container, available in the pharmacies, is NIS 84.